A girl is born......

Posted February 18, 2014 from India

Hours had gone by and still he paced, Walking along the corridors of hospital, his heart raced, Curiosity, joy, fear together clouded his heart and mind, Turbulent emotions, cluttered heart, Passionate waiting, all his composure did thwart.

Others on the bench nearby sat, Waiting for some news happy or sad, Not much love, compassion, just plain curiosity, Chatting among themselves, time they passed.

The pacing stopped, the nurse called, A white bundle, in her arms she held, Handed to him with a gentle move, It’s a girl, and the smile touched her eyes.

Rosy lips, eyes too wide, With which she stared at the new world from every side, Little hands moved, the world to grasp, She was so beautiful, he did gasp.

The bench turned from noisy to quiet, All the look of joy disappeared from eyes, The smile suddenly had turned to frown, The birth of a girl did they all mourn.

But she was his queen, his heart, his love, God had sent his gift from above, That little angel in his arms, A smile from her, his heart did warm.

Lost in his own, heard the nurse call, To his wife he went carrying in his arms his doll, Against the bed, she seemed sad, Her health though was not bad, Sorry, one word was all she said, And all his joy at once fled.

Why sorry, why sad, As if it was something so bad, An angel n his arms, his life, his love, Sent to him by god above.

How can you hate this little soul? She had so little time on the earth, so foul, Human life, already so miserable, And just being a girl would make it torturous and unforgettable?

Human, only ones, not love their own, With girl in hand love they disown, The pretty child, no fault had done, But being a girl was sin, she learnt.

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Kim Crane
Feb 18, 2014
Feb 18, 2014

This is such a powerful poem that captures the tragedy of so many girls who grow up in a world where they are not wanted or valued as highly as boys. I love that you included a father character who is thrilled about the birth of his daughter, and doesn't understand why anyone could possibly be disappointed. Beautiful.

Feb 19, 2014
Feb 19, 2014

Thanks Kim for the appreciation... Its really saddening to see this plight. And what is worse is that I did not witness this behavior in some uneducated illiterate person and many would expect, but rather a well educated family. Does education teach them nothing? Have they seen nothing of the world to realize that a girl is a precious gift? I have tried to capture the whole atmosphere and every emotion that they were undergoing, through this poem.

Yvette Warren
Feb 26, 2015
Feb 26, 2015

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