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About Me

I am just another woman who wants to have a life of positive value for myself and others. I want to live a life that shows my qualities of kindness, care and concern for those around me especially the women and specifically the widows.

In the remote parts of Cameroon most widows are subjected to dehumanizing cultural and ritual practices in the name of mourning rites. They are treated as second class human beings and their fundamental human rights are stripped off. These rites have indescribable physical and mental effects on their health.

I want to raise awareness of widows social and economic realities. Most importantly help boost widows’ confidence and make sure they are aware that they are not second class human beings. This would definitely go a long way to help them

I an accountant and a feminist who wants to impact my society in any way I can.

My Vision

Impacting and empowering women around me, educating and helping widows choose confidence and self-building instead of self-pity.


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