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Posted January 15, 2016 from India

My Journey

I am Afifa Kidwai,3rd year Graduation student,live in lucknow,Uttar Pradesh.I grow up in a small family i.e my father, mother and sister.For me a big challenge in my community is Women Education and Empowerment. Their education as well as their safety is decreasing day by day. Harrassment,Child Marriages,Dowries etc, are creating obstacle in their Education. In our community women is considered as Weak Or have NO OPINION. These problems are spoiling our community. I really want to help them. As I also know that there will be other problems also which I don't know so I want to interact with them so that I can resolve their problems. In this My family will fully support me. I am also a Sports person and Social too My Assets Map

My Dream is to do Master from London University in Economics. I want to become a successful person in my life so that my Family would be proud of me. I take my family's opinion. If any responsibility is given to me then I put my Big effort to complete it.

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