Awareness is key to security

Posted October 9, 2018 from India

Security for women is of a paramount importance and very essential for safe and secure future ahead. Unfortunately, a look at the data and statistics concerning the security of women is not pleasant. The situation across the globe is very grim. Not only on streets but women are not safe within the four walls of their homes. Apart from violence against women at work places, public places, there is also domestic violence that has consumed many lives. Though many measures have been taken at the local and global level to curb this menace but these efforts have not shown much encouraging results.


Reasons: many. Her first and foremost security, in my opinion, is right to live with dignity and right to opportunity and livelihood. There are innumerable cases across the globe where women work harder than their counterparts but comparatively earn meager amount. Most of their work goes ‘zero cost’ (the work within their household and agricultural farms in underdeveloped and developing countries) and despite putting in hard efforts they earn very less to satisfy their needs and requirements. In majority of the cases they have an equal, if not major, role in raising household property but very few own it or have a share in the same.  In many poverty eradication programmes and other socio-economic welfare schemes offered by the state, they are the last and the least beneficiaries and sometimes even excluded. In majority of the societies, women still face discrimination and conservative attitude, in a way or two. Social taboo is still attached to womanhood in various quarters of the world.


For her security her education is first and foremost as education is the key to her security. From education will generate awareness that would evolve her as an individual and once aware she would start realizing her roles and responsibilities in a much broader and effective manner. From her education will sprout a true sense of security that would have deeper influence than stringent laws. What is the fun of having a law/Act when the victim does not know how to use it?


Moreover, networking would strengthen them but again a communication platform would facilitate them in putting forth their viewpoint and sharing their strategies. Strategizing their energies to sensitize communities/populace and then speaking in one voice over any and all issues concerning safety and security of women anywhere can be a good starting point.  

This post was submitted in response to The Future of Security Is Women .

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Oct 09, 2018
Oct 09, 2018

Hi Afsana,

Thanks for sharing your great post with us. I agree that all women should have the opportunity to be afforded the education level they seek, whatever that may be. It would make a huge difference globally if this fundamental right was given to all girls and women.

Hope you're having a great day. Good luck with your story submission!

Beth Lacey
Dec 12, 2018
Dec 12, 2018

Afsana, you are so right. Education is the key to security and so many other opportunities for women across the world.

Jan 20
Jan 20


Feb 06
Feb 06

Afsana wonderful and well written piece. so much truth in your write up. We must take our security seriously by walking away from intimate partners or relatives and secondly women must be continually educated and informed on what security to life is all about. though some will not listen but we must not stop educating them. I have heard about women being beaten up by their children and they have vehemently refused to accept the truth. thank you for sharing your story.