Interntional Day of Rural Woman

Posted October 14, 2015 from Democratic Republic of the Congo

Hi All,

I would like you to join us to celebrate the International Day of Rural Woman this 15 October 2015.

International Day of Rural Women

Rural Women, a pillar of the fight against poverty and environmental protection

On October 15, 2015, the world celebrate, like every year, the International Day of Rural Women. In DRC, more than 70% of women live in rural areas, like the vast majority of its population. Thus, it faces many problems of related to adequate living conditions such as access to education and drinking water, to the respect of her fundamental rights, security and even to funding.

We know that the Congolese rural women is the guarantor of the family. She is in charge of feeding and to ensure the education and well-being of children. For this, she relies on subsistence farming and products provided by nature for consumption and trade. It also represents the pillar on which the agricultural labor force of our country and plays, therefore, a major role in reducing poverty, improving food security and sustainable development.

Regarding the protection of the environment, the development of rural women has a strong connection with the fight against climate change and biodiversity conservation. From these activities, we can say that the woman is the pillar of effective sustainable development for our country.

It is in this context that the Women Leaders Coalition for the Environment and Sustainable Development (CFLEDD) insists on the importance of women's empowerment through training and outreach activities to climate change and sustainable development. These activities can be carried out by the women themselves, because contrary to what people think, rural women have also knowledge to share with other women.

In addition, the CFLEDD launches a plea on the occasion of this day, for access to land for rural women. In most of rural regions in DRC, rural woman is not entitled to the ownership of land, much less, inheritance, all of that, despite the fact that she is the one who works in the fields, the revenues from the land she works are managed by men who do not seek the opinion of their wives on spending the profits from what it produced in the fields.

The CFLEDD calls for the involvement of rural women in decision making in all areas and especially in the environment, because the women themselves can better defend women and know their concerns.

The International Day of Rural Women seeks to promote rural women who plays a vital and essential role in rural economies of developing countries. Moreover, they are the front line to ensure vital functions such as education of children, care for the sick and elderly.

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