My Digital Action Campaign Proposal

Posted April 14, 2016 from Democratic Republic of the Congo

Name: Afy MALUNGU BOBYONDO World Pulse Username: Afymab

Digital Action Campaign Title: “My land, my right”

Who Am I and what work Am I doing?

I am Afy Malungu, an independent journalist from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I am in charge of media and communication for a women's NGO whose mission is to empower women and promote their capacities to reach sustainable development. Through my work, I hope to see that women exercise their rights to own land as guaranteed by existing official legislation but impeded by ancient customary practices which still marginalize women. With land in their hands, rural women will be able to reach their full potential as key actors in the development process and put all their knowledge and experience at the service of sustainable development for all.

My story

I would like to raise attention on the lack of women land tenure in rural provinces. Tradition in my country doesn’t allow women to own land even if she’s the one who works it to feed her family, and trade agricultural products to pay children’ school fees. Women are some the most vulnerable people regarding climate change’s negative impacts. My NGO (Coalition for Women Leaders in Environment and Sustainable Development) initiated a project in 2016 with the objective of producing an advocacy document, embedding women land tenure in rural provinces in the ongoing reform on the law on land rights. I would like to raise awareness about this in the most remote areas, encouraging women to know their rights and the benefits to own land, as well as how to use land on the most sustainable way. I would also like women to have access to Internet in order to educate more people on women land rights. Thus, I am collaborating with rural women, especially in the forest areas, and we are working with the Rights and Resources Institute (RRI). To succeed, material support is crucial, like having more efficient equipment (computer and Internet connection) and to improve our English level.

The issue I am addressing

Women do not have access to the land property in the rural areas of my country. Owning land is still a man’s privilege.

My campaign and World Pulse’s vision and mission

ACCESS to land ownership is a form of women empowerment.

My main goal and the change I want to see

Raise awareness about the contradiction on the fact that although women work on land, they can not own it. they have the responsibility to feed the family using a resource they don’t own, so they can not make important decisions regarding its issue.

My audience

- Decision makers: give them real facts that can help them taking the right decisions in order to women access to land

- Community opinion leaders: raise the debate within the community so it can think and talk about it

- Women: join the struggle for women access to land property

- Human rights and environment activists: raise awareness and make some influence on decision makers

- Media : talk about in the media as they can reach a larger public

Digital media platform to use

World Pulse, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Vimeo, Instagram, LinkedIn, blogs

Ways to deliver the message

Posts on social media: story, video, poster with hashtag

How I envision using World Pulse

Use community members’ support to spread the word in their communities and also to share any ideas or experiences.


At this time, I can not tell exactly with what frequency I will be using each media, it will depend on how the digital campaign unfolds and how many people participate in it, who are able to contribute writing stories, filming videos, etc.

Activities :

- Posting on social media, sharing women’ stories or specific actions

- Creating a Facebook thinking group on women land rights

- Bloggings on the NGO blog

- Participating in radio shows

- Meeting customary chiefs

- Meeting with women leaders (politics, business, social, arts, etc.)


- Get the campaign published in an important newspaper

- Get support from important organizations or personalities, artists, intellectuals, opinion leaders

- Be invited to present about this to an important organization


- 15 Women empowered on digital campaign are posting on Social media

- 5 Women stories related to land rights and women empowerment are published, read and commented on blogs

- Raising awareness by participating at least at one national radio show and one community radio show

- 1 Public debate and inputs on Facebook thinking group on women land rights with all the community members

- Involving at least 2 women leaders in the women land rights struggle

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Emily Miki
Apr 14, 2016
Apr 14, 2016

Hi Afy,

I hadn't really realised that some women are been refused land property rights in some areas. Indeed a woman who owns a land is an empowered woman. This is a powerful mission you have set on to achieve. We are strongly behind you in this vision.  

Apr 14, 2016
Apr 14, 2016
Dear Emilia,
Thank you very much for our support. Now you know that? I formally invite you to join this mission with all resources you can provide.
I count on you sister!
Be blessed
Maria Pena
Apr 14, 2016
Apr 14, 2016

Hi Afy, 

Sounds like a great campaign!! 

I was not aware that women in the Democratic Republic of Congo don't have the right to own land.  It should definitely be a right for all men and women to be able to own land.  

Thank you for making me aware of this problem and for fighting for the rights of women. I wish you all the best for your campaign and please let me know how can I support you. 

All the best, 

Apr 14, 2016
Apr 14, 2016

Hello Afy,

Your training plan sounds fantastic!! I really like how you decided to incorporate you explained your own story and experiences before diving into the explanation of your plan. Moreover, I like how you touched upon the basics, such as the goals/outcomes and activities, as well as going even further ahead and discussing the milestones, methods of delivering your message, and the specific social media platforms that will be used. I can't wait to hear more about your work in the future.

With love,

Helen Ng

Sherna Alexander Benjamin
Apr 15, 2016
Apr 15, 2016

Hello Afy,

Firstly, let me acknowledge your wonderful work in posting this information, it has truly enlightened me as I never knew about some of the issues which you brought out before. I think this is a powerful campaign and I look forward to seeing it in action. 

Apr 15, 2016
Apr 15, 2016

Dear Sisters,

Thank you for commenting my DAC. Your support is very precious for me getting more confident about what I am doing. I really need your support to get through this.

My goal may seem high reading what I wrote on my DAC. But let me tell that is a minimum to do, just a starting point, there is more to do in this issue. I didn't share the transsectorial characteristic of the women land rights. It touches economy, politics, health, agriculture, social, environment, etc. I didn't want to embrace many things at once. I prefer going step by step.

I do hope you will reach your goals too with your specific DAC.

Take care!


Apr 17, 2016
Apr 17, 2016

Dear Afy, This here is a very elaborate and focused driven campaign. It is still ironic that women till and toil at the land but cannot own it. I wish you the very best as you embark on this empowering campaign.

Stephanie A
Apr 19, 2016
Apr 19, 2016


I agree with what so many others have said already, that this is an important campaign! I noticed in your comment that you mentioned how complex this issue is, and I think it's really smart to start by focusing on one aspect of the issue at a time since the issue touches so many different topics. Since what you shared is that women can legally own land but don't in practice, building awareness is a great place to start. Leina talked about changing culture on one of our weekly calls, and some of her advice and lessons learned may be helpful for your campaign as well. 

I'd be interested to learn a little more about how you plan to use digital media. Will you have women share their stories about how not owning land has impacted them, or will you use it to create awareness internationally? You mention that your rural audience doesn't have access to internet - is there another form of media that would reach them better. 

I am really looking forward to seeing your campaign in action! 



Apr 20, 2016
Apr 20, 2016

Dear Stephanie,

Thank you for your comment and your support in this issue.

I'd be interested to learn a little more about how you plan to use digital media. Will you have women share their stories about how not owning land has impacted them, or will you use it to create awareness internationally?

To answer to your preoccupation, I will use digital media to tell women stories on how not owning impact in their life. I mentioned it on my proposal on activities. How will I do? I will post their stories on Facebook and blogs, so it be read in an internationally level. Besides, Do you remember when it comes to imagine how you repurpose a resource? I thaught about using my community radios network, I work with them in my regular job and I can ask them to make some shows and make women talk about the land ownership issue.

About the lack of Internet Access for rural women, I will work with focal point of my NGO based in rural areas to help me, they are already supporting me.

I don't know if I answered but you should ask me whenever you want.


Apr 23, 2016
Apr 23, 2016

Thank you for your sustained effort during this World Pulse campaign. Land rights and sustainable development are such important issues and I hope that your digital action campaign is a success. You have a detailed plan and the means and the motivation to fully implement it. Let us know what we can do (I am on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn). 

Thank you again for your work and Happy Earth Day!