Doctor Brides: a societal norm where girls are conditioned to become doctors all their lives and then are forces to stay at home.

Posted October 14, 2021 from Pakistan

In South Asia there is a concept call "Doctor Brides" girls are told/forced to study medicine so that they can be married to well off families. As girls graduate they are married to a stranger who or whose family forces these girls to stay at home and their degrees, their hard work goes to waste.

In Pakistan there are 85,000 female doctors that have never worked a single day in their lives. In India 2/3rd of medical graduates are married off right after they graduate. 

During the time of pandemic when the whole world is facing extreme shortage of doctors we are sitting on these extremely valuable resource.

Patients in North America and Europe finds medical facilities in South Asia extremely affordable due to our low foreign exchange rates.

We are trying to make a medical platform for these doctors called MobiDoctor (MD) so that these doctors can work from their homes  and their life's work do not go to waste.

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Jill Langhus
Oct 15
Oct 15

Hi Ahsan,

Welcome to World Pulse! Oh, wow. It didn't know about this. Thanks for bringing awareness to this trend, and I agree that these women/girls have the opportunity to decide whether they want to be married or use their education for good. Is MobiDoctor a website? Can you tell us more about it?

FYI, World Pulse is a public platform so anyone can see your personal email, but you could have people reach out to you via the World Pulse messaging system instead.

Looking forward to hearing more about your initiative.

Regina Afanwi Young
Oct 15
Oct 15

Hello Ahsan, Welcome to World Pulse. Thank you for raising awareness on this and for speaking up for these girls. I think this is so unfair onthrm
They have the right to choose their careers and who they get married to. I hope you find some collaborators soon.
Looking forward to reading from you again on your initiative

Tamarack Verrall
Oct 16
Oct 16

Dear Ahsan,
Welcome to World Pulse dear brother, and thank you for raising our awareness of this vicious and unethical practise of forcing "Doctor Brides" to marry for the wealth of the families involved. That people from North America take advantage of the unfair global economy is also a practise that needs to be addressed. I hope that with the new App women doctors all not only be able to offer their skills and knowledge, but also that those feeling trapped will have their own money to flee.
I look forward to your participation here, your perspective is so welcome.

Oct 16
Oct 16

Welcome Ahsan. This is shocking!!! I am stunned and completely at a loss for words. Your first story is so strong and you are speaking out for these professionals who have been robbed of their rights. Thank you.

All the best with MobiDoctor and I am looking forward to hearing more about this initiative. I'm sure we all are.

Take care

Manasa Ram Raj
Oct 18
Oct 18

Greetings Ashan,

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