Akinmolayan Ebuetse Stella idowu
Posted March 28, 2020 from Nigeria

In 2018, when I took off with my Educational project through WAKE UP THE GIANT, two  days to the event, the Ministry of Education without prior notice, withdrew their permission to use the State government hall in Imaguero college. It was strange, it was hurtful and devastating. I could not explain the logic behind all their attempts and efforts to frustrate me and this project I was given a nod to state in the State. On education and for our children!!!   I was tempted to announce this to the children, but I considered the moral implication and creating a lasting wrong perception about leadership and governance. Prior to this, i had met the governor and saw his passion and good intention for the education sector. I also felt their high spirit and the excitement they brought to the house should not be tampered with! I carried the burden tucked far away from them!

Through the leading of the Holy Spirit instruction, a total stranger saved us from this shame! Leaving the ministry of education that day, with their damaging letter and tears in my eyes, I had two options: cancel the Academic Reality show and asked these innocent children to go back home with their expectation, talent and dreams, went ahead and conduct it on the street or the hotel car park! I choose the later!

I announced  this news to the children. They were excited. Car park or even streets were okay. Children are indeed spirits and Angels of encouragement. However, God raised prophet Ojo Emmanuel Agge      to save us. Not only did he give us his conference beautiful and cozy hall, he went ahead to be a financial, spiritual, and moral pillar to the success of this First Academic Reality show in Nigeria.

Despite our challenges, the program was a success. A week later, the commissioner of Education was removed!

Flash back to 2020. Yesterday, to the glory of the almighty God, we got the final approval from the local government hosting our audition for South West. Over twenty-eight centers, we are not paying a dime! No sexual harassment, No tears and no plenty stories!

Though it tarries, don't give up. Don't be even tempted to sell your body. It limits your vision, and it removes the hand and presence of God. Don't be intimidated by those jealous dream killers.. Don't be afraid of plagiarism either!  Remember, if it is not an original remedy, it will die a natural death. My cousin, Chief  Wole Benson , told me to always remember that this is God's vision, it will stand. It's standing! I give God all the glory and our team who stood by me. Indeed, no man can stop what God has ordained!

South West get ready, Edo State, we are back! Edo State tertiary, on your mark!

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Mar 28
Mar 28

Hi Sister Stella.
Congrats. Am happy to hear that your project was approved. God did it for you and the children happy.
No man will ever frustrate our efforts.

Thank you so much

Mar 29
Mar 29

Weldone Stella it was really divine intervention. but those that trust in the Lord shall not be disappointed

Yes. Thank you so much my sister.

Mar 30
Mar 30

Thank you for sharing. I am glad to hear that the event was held successfully. The children can have some remarkable moment.

Sometimes, God may give us challenges to overcome. Keep the faith! God is always with us.

Thank you Sister.

Hello, sister Stella,

Congratulations on these milestones! You are a wise woman. :)
I hope you and your school are safe during this pandemic.

Yes sister Karen.
We are safe and hoping for the best.
Love always.

I happy to know that, dear sister Stella! God bless you always. :)

Ameen and you too.

Metiege Noel Eve
Apr 02
Apr 02

Congratulations for the courage to forge on and thanks for sharing

Thank you.

Anita Shrestha
Apr 07
Apr 07


Thanks Sis.