We are the queens

Aime amina
Posted April 17, 2021 from Mozambique

Hello!I'm Amina from mozambique (I'm refugee)but I want to tell my little and old sisters that being female is not a crime,not a shame,but it's  your right and God's will,please don't let anybody to use you and saying that you are nothing.you are not created for staying home no education,or suffering for domestic work,etc..no you are human and you deserve better life like queen.love you all.

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Busayo Obisakin
Apr 17
Apr 17

Hello Amina,
Yes that is the right thing to do! You are human, you deserve better life like queen and nobody should be allowed to use you. Continue to thrive here Amina

Apr 18
Apr 18

Sweet Aminat.... we are the Best.

Nini Mappo
Apr 21
Apr 21

Ha, It is God's will that I am a woman...how beautiful! Thank you for affirming the dignity and value of womanhood. Have a good one :)