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Beds For Hope, Amor Village, Uganda

Aimee Knight
Posted March 6, 2018 from United States
Expired on May 1, 2018
Josephine & Friends supported by HFTEMU

Dear World Pulse Sisters and Friends,

Our mission with this fundraiser is to provide beds and bedding for 39 of the Elderly of Amor Village, Uganda. The estimated costs of $75 per person will provide a mattress, blankets, and a bed frame for each person. Currently, the most vulnerable of Amor’s community are sleeping on mats placed on the floor or ground.
Please click on the link to donate and share! Included is a link to Josephine's story on World Pulse, Founder of Hope For the Elderly Ministries of Uganda.

Thank you!

Aimee Knight

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Donate and share! Please connect with Josephine on World Pulse to support her writing and work. Thank you!

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