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Me as a first lady from Abs district started to go to school and as the first girl from a preservative family and preservative community was not easy for me to be at school among male students and male teachers alone. My ambitiousness and strong will make me use the absence of my father as he was a business man who spent most of the time in the city, and went to school during his absence with the help of my mother. Lots of suffering stories and challenging events (Abstinence from eating, thinking of leaving the family and lots of beating and insulting situations) that faced me during my study, however,I was the best student and the first among my classmates who are boys of course. A British Organization called International Co-operation for Development ICD has come to my district to encourage the women to access to education and to literacy for women. I have been selected as volunteer to teach women and contribute in literacy. During my voluntary working I innovated lots of methods and techniques of teaching rural women and I was very successful in teaching 25 women in 3 months. This helped me to be a very helpful girl who can help other women in my district, at the same time the manager of the Organization came to my father and contributed in persuading my father to allow me to complete her studying.
I finished my secondary school with lots of voluntary teaching to women to literacy and got lots of woman who love me and encourage me to go ahead. I used lots of methods and techniques to empower women in my area; I used short stories, poems and popular idioms.From the lion's mouth I took my rights.
I still remember the deprivation that I lived in it when I child. Discrimination against women Health & Rights of women

My Vision

Community respect the rights