The Slut Dance!

Posted February 6, 2012 from India

It took me a while to win over the debate that was going on inside my mind regarding the TITLE of this journal. I was thinking if that would appropriate or not but then I thought again its forum where I can speak my heart then why am I even hesitating to write my first journal or else the purpose of me being here wouldn't be solved. So yes, I had been out with my best friend today almost after one year and we entered a newly opened pub in the sol called happening place of Bangalore. I was both excited and nervous. Excited because it had been a really long time that i didn't go out with her and nervous because the area where we went is not considered "SAFE"! But we are the smart ones..:) my friend had carried a pepper spray just in case some tries to mess around or create trouble. After walking 5 minutes from the place where we parked our scooter we reached the pub. It was a very cozy and small pub. The ambiance was good. So i liked the place moment we entered there. We ordered for drinks and french fries (which is like the one thing that we always order no matter where we go). The music was extremely loud so we were literally talking to each other by crying our lungs out....what caught my attention was not the music, not the ambiance, not the drinks. It was those 2 girls sitting right next to me who seemed to me like they were highly intoxicated and not in there senses. They were there with 3 guys. Kissing and hugging all of them and embracing each other in their arms. One of the lady started dancing also. I might be accused here for making assumptions but it was so clear from the dress she was wearing, her bright red lipstick and the way she was lingering around all of those three men including the bartender that she was a prostitute and her friend of course with the same attire and behavior. Immediately i felt as if I am not in the right place so did my friend but that was the first time I saw a prostitute so close. I could see her clearly and her expressions to try to lure all the men around. She caught my attention so I started observing her though that wasn't a good thing to do. Anyway after coming out from the pub I started thinking about it. I started thinking "why didn't hate her"??? The normal scenario here is if some girl has to be cursed then that girl is compared to a prostitute. The so called elite class people with tons of knowledge and wisdom in their bag look at them with a disgust in their face. I don't know what exactly was the reason behind me not hating her at all although her behavior is not acceptable in the society here. But deep down inside my heart I felt what could have gone wrong in her life that she is living a life that?? I personally cannot digest the fact that any girl on earth would choose to be a prostitute by her own will although quite a few evidences are there.....there is always a blend of many factors playing roles to turn a girl into a prostitute. In my next journal I will talk about the factors but for the time being I think that it's a shame on the part of society and we, the people who live in it that we look at them in a negative towards the prostitutes instead of being humble and empathetic towards them and pulling our efforts together to bring them back to a normal and peaceful life!

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