Children and trauma

Posted April 29, 2019

I spent on week in camp with teenagers inspiring them to Rebel against systems and mindset that makes them feel inadequate to maximize their potentials. This teenagers have lost their fathers as a result of crisis, Boko haram, and Fulani herdman attack. As a result of what these teenagers have been through, most of them still carry resentment, unforgiveness, and pains. Some of them engage in drug abuse, unruly behavior, and the likes all in a bid to avert these feelings they carry.

The camp sessions and activities helped alot of them to begin to see life differently. Most of them realised that their trauma is real and letting go of the bitter emotions they bear is the first step towards healing. I was able to share my own personal story of how I overcame the trauma of abuse I faced as a teenager.

This experience gave me an opportunity to reminisce on how adults dismiss traumatic experiences of young people as nothing. They forget that they are humans too with feelings. It is imperative to note that as we visit camps and communities of people affected by riot, crisis or attack trauma healing programs should include children and the youths. Trauma is not affects everyone irrespective of age, gender or race. #traumahealingforyoungpeople#

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Jill Langhus
Apr 29
Apr 29

Hi Akulo,

Thanks for sharing your first story! I totally agree with you that trauma isn't selective to one particular age group, gender or race. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your impressive work and mission.

Hope you're having a good, and safe day!

Dawn Arteaga
Apr 29
Apr 29

Wow what important work. Thank you for sharing! I just finished a memoir by one of the co-founders of Black Lives Matter, Patrisse Cullors-Khan, in which she shares that one of the most formative moments of her life was at a summer camp like the one you describe. It's inspiring to imagine how many future Patrisse's you helped activate -- and what a world they will shape moving forward. Can't wait to hear more of your stories!

Apr 30
Apr 30

I totally agree with your sentiments, we always assume children will get over it. nut this is never the case, such situations even resurface in adulthood transforming the person into a total new or different person

In my house i am leaving with a young adult who just the other day i came to discover she was sexually abused by a relative as a child. I came from work day and I found her crying hysterically actually bowling so loud. After talking to her that's when she showed me a text she was writing to this person whom she had encountered t he previous day triggering the memories.........If she had been helped to go through as a child maybe the story would have been different today

Beth Lacey
Apr 30
Apr 30

This is great work

May 01
May 01

Hi Akullo,
Thanks for your great efforts for these young generation. It's absolutely true, many youths are suffering much trauma without any help. Wish you more blessings with this amazing work and hope to read more of your stories.


Hello, Akulo,

I wish I joined your camp when I was a teenager. I could have made better decisions in life if I did. Camps like this are important for teens so they can be guided and flee from abuse and trauma while they are still young. Thank you for sharing your story. Looking forward to reading more from you!

Tamarack Verrall
May 08
May 08

Dear Akulo,
This is life changing work you are doing. The lives of these young people will take a very different road thanks to your love and care.

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