Raising a Voice Against Domestic violence

Posted July 29, 2020 from Kenya

In Kenya Domestic violence is the talk in town. It is so painful that young girls are going through Domestic violence under the arms of the people they trust the most, such as their uncles, Grand fathers etc

Together we can raise voice to end Domestic violence. 

#say no to domestic violence 

This story was submitted in response to Gender-Based Violence.

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Jul 30
Jul 30

That's so sad to hear .
Thank you for sharing Sister.

Nini Mappo
Jul 30
Jul 30

Hello Alaine,
I am glad that you are creating awareness about this huge problem we have. Because sometimes it seems like we have heard it so many times in the news that it just becomes another story, and we forget the women and families that have suffered.
Good on you for raising your voice!

In sisterhood,

Hello Alaine,

The rise of domestic violence is really heartbreaking and alarming. Worse when it's done by someone a woman thought she can trust, as you mentioned male relatives.

Thank you for raising your voice on this "pandemic". We stand with you.