Terrorist attack, a revenge or an excuse?

Posted October 7, 2016 from Mauritius

Paris, Belgium, India, Pakistan, Turkey are only a few countries which media has covered recently. All lightworkers are circulating pictures of peace to around the world and all global leaders are spreading words of unity and solidarity. People are posting their anguish and prayers on Facebook and all newspapers are making it a headline. People are talking about it and expressing their anger and mixed emotion of fear and vulnerability. So that’s it? Is that all we are capable of?

We, human beings, declared as the most intelligent specie in the world, universe, is that all we are capable of? Does our intelligence end here? What else are we supposed to do now? Talk and talk and talk until it reaches our city, country, continent? Our governments are only concerned about providing military enforcements, monetary support and publicity for their utter generosity! Our people will feel shocked for a few days, talk about it and dramatize with their own stories (as long as their own family members are not victims, they are capable of great understanding and pity) and then forget about it! ! Is that all we are capable of? The family of victims are in utter pain of loss that no word can ever describe their anguish!

The media will continuously keep on talking about it until another major attack strike the world again! Attacks after attacks! Same reactions from our people and government! Yet no result of the attacks being stopped! Does anyone ever question the way that this world is being led? Does anyone care about really stopping these mentally handicapped and damaged people whom, as per the dictionary are termed as “Terrorist”? Have our great government and world most intelligent FBI agents and extremely capable criminologists/psychologists and world famous healers come together to cure this deadly disease called “terrorism” by digging into their roots and finding that worm which is eating humanity seasonal, periodically and camouflaging it as Islamic attacks?

A terrorist is not a religion!!! A terrorist a mentally retarded, emotionally damaged, physically abused and spiritually sucked individual (fucked to the core in all senses) with absolutely no moral, no values and no intelligence of its own! Infact, a terrorist is a soulless person. And therefore a person with this disease cannot roam freely! It is still mystery to me how apparently the most intelligent race on the planet called human being, which are decorated with great titles, power and authority are allowing such disease to be as rampant by allowing terrorists to roam so freely! How come no machine is designed to identity a terrorist! Do Einstein or Newton have to take birth again to invent such a thing? Is our population just going to use their ideas and invention to make themselves more lazy and stupid, like our present generation of play stations and iPhone crazy dumb Fools! Are we just a bunch of sheeps?

Does anyone realise that the world is being led by tried and tested, ineffective formulae, repeated and consistently irrelevant practices and ideas which no longer works? Does anyone realise that all the current ways which no longer serve us and Humanity should stop being practiced and new, fresh and effective practices should be inculcated to eliminate all diseases such as terrorism, violence and promotion of falsehood?

What is stopping the most intelligent and resourceful agency in the world to track down all terrorists in the world? What is stopping them to do sting operations and expose them? Why is violence being used to stop these terrorists? Do they really deserve such an easy death of suicide bombing or gun shot after killing massively so many innocent people? Terrorists do not deserve such death! Infact, these people must stay alive! Terrorists will have to understand the importance of life and the consequences of playing with it! They need treatment and the greatest treatment ever that humanity has ever seen! So that before anyone ever contemplate to become a terrorist his soul trembles and anyone who even joke about taking the life of the other regrets it!

The children of life are taking the lives of others without their will. This is unacceptable and therefore should not be tolerated at any cost. To all those who refuse to honor the sacredness and purity of life because of their inability to cope with their own pain must be banished in a place where no life exist for them to learn to honor life and the gifts that it offers! They shall live as cursed with no life but alive! They have to learn to endure their own pain before inflicting it on others! They must be banished in such a place, where every life trembles to put its feet, so that no one is made a terrorist!

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