Alicia Jones
Posted July 4, 2015 from Australia

I'm so angry. Just totally pissed.

It's my son's 13th birthday on Tuesday and my family has comletely isolated me from him, he hates me.

My abusive, controlling domineeing Mother is the instigator. She ambushed me with my brother and Father and is doing it with my son.

She does it cause she's a jealous, resentful, decietful woman.

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Agnes Igoye
Jul 04, 2015
Jul 04, 2015

Dear Alicia Jones,

Am sorry to hear about your situation, not having access to your son, not even on his birthday. I hope there are services in your community, where you are able to receive help, to resolve the situation.

Thinking of you and hoping for the best.


Alicia Jones
Jul 04, 2015
Jul 04, 2015

OOps :)

Alicia Jones
Jul 04, 2015
Jul 04, 2015

Hi Agnes,

Thanks for your concern. I don't feel there are services for me and my situation. I haven't seen my son in nine months and I have to go to court to get anything acknowledged.

In the mean while my son is growing up without me and my family is letting that happen.

I feel completely disempowered.


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