Reaching out to those who cannot afford healthcare in my country.

Posted July 11, 2019 from Cameroon

Here i am crying and recollecting all the good time i spent with her. 

Her name is confidence. A 13year old little girl i took from a very far away village to came and take care of my daughter. 

When she just arrived she was looking so malnourished with a cut on her right leg. The next day i took her to the hospital and the cut was cleaned and drugs given to her. While at home i tried all i could to give her a balance diet but she still looked thesame(big stomach and head with tinny legs, hands and legs).

Months go by then she complains of vagina itches. I took her to the hospital and carried out all the necessary tests but the results were all negative. Then the doctor suggests we carry out a diabetes tests and pop she was diagnosed of to be suffering from type 2 diabetes. Insulin was ran into her and the injection prescribed and we went back home.

While at home i talked with her and she told me she has never been to the hospital. That everytime she is sick her parents boil herbs and give to her. I then invited her mother over. Her mother came and i explained the child's condition to her. The next day we both went to see the doctor who vividly explained the child's health condition to the mother. 

The mother went back to the village and my little girl stayed with me and continued taking her insulin injection( she could now inject herself). In enrolled her in the diabetic centre in the hospital where she received lectures monthly on how to manage her healrh, diet and the rest. 

I enrolled her into a technical college where she studied fabric designing. 

The potruded stomach was now down, and she looked like a normal child. I took pictures of her and sent to her parents so they could see how their child was responding to treatment. They were so impressed and glad. 

A few months later, her mother comes to tell me that they have looked for a husband for confidence who is now 14 going on 15. I was so angry and i told the mother to leave my house. But the mother insisted that she has orders from the father and uncles that she shouldn't came back without Confidence. 

Later that night i called confidence in my room and asked her if she wants to follow her mom and go and get married. She told me she doesn't but she knows her father too well and that if her mother goes back alone she'll be beaten by her father and sent back. So i took upon myself to accompany them to the village.

After 2days of driving and trekking through bumpy roads and hanging bridges we finally got to the village. We were welcomed and i had a talk with the father and uncles who told me to leave their daughter and go back to wherever i came from. I pleaded with them to no avail. 

I asked if they had any healthcare centre where confidence could be followed up there. They told me yes but there is never any medical practitional there but that they can always take her to neighboring Nigeria for follow up.

Consoled by that i left my little girl in tears. About 1year and a few months later i bump into one of Confidence uncles just to ask how my little girl is fairing just to be told that my little girl is no more. They couldn't afford to continue buying her injection and even when they had the money they couldn't have the drug in the village heath centre or that of the neigboring Nigeria.

Then i go back home and think of how i took ill in 2005, afraid to tell my mom who was always shouting and also afraid to tell my step father who never really cared i had to sustain the pain until i passed out one day and was rushed to the hospital my a good samaritan neighbor. My mom was called and she rushed to the hospital just for the Doctor to tell my mom right infront of me that im suffering from ruptured appendisitis and i have ran short of blood. In that case my mother has to make available 2 pines of blood and a sum of 250.000frs before i am taken into the theatre for operation and if by 2pm the said things are not available he'll not risk his carrier by taking me to the theatre because i risk dying and it was 10am then.

He said like that and asked us out of his office so he could continue consulting other patients. 

I was taken to the ward and put on glucose while my mom went helter scelter to get the money and the pines of blood. Everything was set by 1:20pm and i was rushed into the theater.

All went well and i was out of the theater hours later. I had complications so i was in the hospital for 4months. But thank God i was healed.

When i left the hospital i promised myself to became a health personnel so that i could help those who can't afford to pay for healthcare services because if my mom didn't have money or people to help her raise that money i'm sure i would had died. But unfortunately i couldn't pursue my dream due to financial constraint.

My dream now is to be able to work with medical personnels who care more about saving lives than money so that we can reach out to those in the far away villages who dont have the money or the facilities to take care of their healths. And also why not go back to school. 

I'll also want to sensitize parents on the disadvantages of giving off their girl children into early marriages and the advantages of empowering girl children either educationally or by sending them to learn a trade.

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