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iam an african born in small country called uganda and its were i acquired all my education until high school when i got a scholarship to study in canada ,it was the turning poin of my life, bse wining this gift of life chnaged my life but still i can not ever forget the pain and sufering i left home
I am a child of Africa, a seed of the land that birthed man, a descendant of a people who lived at one with nature and fed straight from mother earth's generous hands. And I am the scion of the new generation of African revolutionaries, with eyes focused on the rebirth of the Pan-African Vision and feet running fast towards the development of the continent despite the myriad challenges faced today. I was born into a Uganda with wounds still fresh from years of civil war and poor governance. I have made it my life's work to heal the wounds of a nation still scarred today by the cancer of corruption and a lust for power. Uganda is starving for a skilled workforce- one that excels not only in a specific discipline, but is vocal and demanding of its government. The nation can no longer progress without the active involvement of scientific intellectuals- Engineers, Doctors and Academics-in the development of policy and in political debate.I intend to be a force of change in Uganda, not only by the power of my words, but also through the power of the knowledge I shall acquire as an Electronic Engineer- knowledge to start up private enterprise in a country with a resurging economy; knowledge to provide novel solutions to her new problems of poor communication infrastructure and a lack of technical education. This scholarship provides a unique opportunity to obtain great skills from professionals and showcase the talent that is saturated in Uganda. With my hands and my mind I shall heal Uganda, for she is my motherland, and I her son. "
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