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About Me

I believe in becoming and overcoming life obstacles yet I find myself suffocating most times.I began learning about life and what to expect at an early age based on the circumstances that surround me I grew up having so many dreams.. I want to be a leader for girls and women,
A Motivational speaker , A fashion icon and a helper to those who are still crawling to be heard I believe that what I have been through and what I am still going through, there are others out there facing the same and knowing how it feel I wish I could relief so many people such pain. Even though I live in a part of the world where opportunity hardly come by for those who have no connection with the people on the high seats, which is hard regardless I try so much but when I sit and look back I realize am still at the same point moving in circles but still I wouldn't give up on life and on myself I would still strive each day that am alive , Because in this life I want to make a difference I want to be heard

My Vision

Being a 'break the Silence' leader
A Motivational Speaker
A Fashion Icon
A Daily Thoughts publisher
World Pulse influencer


A Scholarship to step ahead and start fulfilling dreams

Want to be a part of any upcoming project of a way forward

Want to learn


I want to achieve and help others achieve as well, I want to become an inspiration , I want to make a difference


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