"Because, for men, it's more important than the person"

allie shep
Posted October 10, 2016 from United Kingdom

IF I WEAR a boobtube, shorts, and boots, I receive an entirely different welcome to one I get when wearing a jumper, jeans, and flats.

And it's not a joke.

Men determine the sort of woman we are by what we wear.

I have a law degree, a well-paid job, and I can drive minibuses and trucks, but if I turned up for work in a short skirt and a loose top without a bra, it would be assumed I'm a bimbo secretary on the prowl.

When I wear a suit, I'm taken seriously - but, at the sam time, men are wary, thinking I'm usurping their positions.

A friend of mine cycles to work in shorts and T-shirt, and attracts all sorts of undesirables every day.

But she's a solicitor, so once at work, she showers, changes, and carries a briefcase. One day in the lobby she saw one of the biker boyz, as she calls them, and he stammered "do you have a sister?".

"Yes", she said, "she's a cyclist and she's instructing me to sue the pants off some men who aggravate her every day".

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Shivani Saharia
Oct 10, 2016
Oct 10, 2016

Dear Alle,

The length of the shorts and skirts doesn't defines a female character.

What basically a character is?

It is doing good to someone, knowing that the opposite person can do nothing for them in return. The male ideology of getting attracted to a female is her appearance and body language at first and than comes the nature and her approach. For many harassment and criminal cases, majority of the people puts up females clothes at it's fault.

Thanks for sharing the story. Hope to hear more from you.


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