Major women's anniversary

allie shep
Posted November 26, 2016 from United Kingdom

2018 is One Hundred Years after the end of World War I, and a hundred years of Armistice Day remembrances (11am on the 11th of the 11th), and those will quite rightly be remembered.

But, in the UK, it is also 100 Years of Women Having The Right To Vote.

In 1918, women aged 30 and over were finally given the right to vote in General Elections, and in 1919 they exercised that right for the first time, with the first female MP (Nancy Astor) being elected.

(It took another ten years for the vote to be extended to women over 21 and make us equal in that respect.)

If any women has particular memories of voting - anywhere - in the days when we were even marginalised in polling booths, or of details of female suffrage elsewhere in the world, please contact my friend Nessa at [email protected]

She is INTENDING to write something - an article, a book? - and will credit women providing information. She will contact anyone individually by email.

Or if you prefer you can send me a message on here, which I can pass to Nessa.

Quick quiz to finish: Which supposedly forward-thinking Western country actually denied women the right to vote in General Elections until 1971?

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