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About Me

I'm an "upfront, talkative" 27-year-old lawyer in west London, specialising in women's rights, employment rights, and gender equality.

I and my colleague are, until the New Year, sharing the work so that we can each temporarily do other things as well - hence I have time to be involved here.

I have also recently split with a partner, and time for licking wounds with other women is over. Time for action is here!

My Vision

That girls and women have equal rights with men - 'equal' does not necessarily mean the 'same' - it means equal relating to each person's particular needs and wishes. (e.g. bathroom provision: boys and men may need razors, which we don't, but we NEED 'the three Ps' - a pot, paper, and above all privacy. If ANY girl or woman anywhere in the world does not have access to those things, it means that we have all failed.)


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