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About Me

I am a Cameroonian and a journalist by profession with a passion for anything communication,gender and development.
In 2009 when I decided to leave Douala the economic capital of Cameroon to work on work on the female condom project in Kumba (a small town in the southwest region of Cameroon),my life and perspective changed. I have worked with youths and women at the grassroots on basic sexual reproductive health issues and it has been heart wrenching but strengthening as well.Each time I meet a young girl or woman who does not know the first thing about her body and did not even have a chance to get an education, I thank God that despite my humble background, I was given equal opportunity to education like my male sibling.Every girl has a right to that opportunity!
I am fulfilled each time I know my training on the field has taught and inspired someone to take charge of their lives by making informed decisions on sexual health.Every time I see a poor girl,woman or boy struggle and succeed to get an education despite the financial and ICT setbacks due to the nature of rural communities,I am more determined to get those tools that can help them help themselves.
I am execellent at social and commercial marketing,project implementation and management,communication,public relations and report writing.
I love learning and finding new solutions to old problems. new cultures and ideas, women and development Administrative bootlenecks,endless male supriority complex Communication,gender,contraception(female and male condoms),social marketing,youths

My Vision

A world where those at the grassroots know the basics of most issues.