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About Me

I am 51 years old and worked at teacher for many years and enjoyed touching children's lives in many beautiful ways. I am a peaceful woman and love to spread peace among people I meet. I truly believe that the world has become more and more violent especially against women who are still suffering from physical and mental abuse even in modern countries. I really hope that I can contribute in making this world a better place with the help of people especially women like me who went through tough times and learned how to overcome the problems in life no matter how difficult they can be. One of my favorite quotes is "I never lose. I either win or learn."

My Vision

The world is bleeding and we must do something to provide a better and safer future for our children. I would like to refer to the famous song of Michael Jackson " Heal the World" to describe how I feel and what we can do together to have the world a better place for the future of everyone.


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