Empowering Women and Girls to Lead in STEM and Technology through Project Kuongoza

About Your Initiative

I designed a technology solution called Project Kuongoza that offers a blended learning approach to empower women and girls aged 15-40 with emerging skills, Mentorship, tools, technology and giving them the right experience to work opportunities around the world.

Project Kuongoza combines capacity development and employment opportunities to help them access new markets, work flexibly and integrate these learned skills needed for the workplace - after they are digitally trained. Through Project Kuongoza, we have successfully mentored over 465 young girls and provided career opportunities to 118 women.

This is a first-to-market Initiative that gives women and girls the power to access digital skills, remote jobs and career/academic support conveniently. Project Kuongoza is also designed as a keystone solution that collects gender-disaggregated data, and inform digital policies where we correct existing cultural, social gender biases and stereotypes in STEM pathways.

Project Kuongoza aims to empower, support and connect STEM career development for three groups of women and girls in Sub-Saharan Africa: Underskilled/Under-employed women and girls in entry-level STEM-related pathways, Disadvantaged females in Secondary schools and Universities. Mid-level skilled women working in STEM fields or considering to delve into STEM-related fields. This can be done in the 17 Sub-Saharan Countries we operate in.

Who is being impacted by my initiative?

under-skilled/under-employed women, disadvantaged girls & women in schools & uni

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