ICT and access to social media for women and young girls in Sierra Leone

Amb. Lengar
Posted March 20, 2014 from Sierra Leone


Community Network Movement for Marginalized Women Sierra Leone our Vision is to help young Girls and women participate in moral standard of education, social development, medium of tolerance in right of expression, and involved in nation building in the area of community development and environmental sustainability programs.

Also assist the youth by empowering them in general skills training/education program, provide to all young people specially girls, in both career and transfer curricula, with the foundations for living a productive life, being a citizen of the world, appreciating aesthetic values, and engaging in life-long learning in a continually changing world. For this reason, our Network has found it deem to protest and gain general concern on issues that will help to transform the life of young people in Sierra Leone on Skills training/general education program requires courses across the information and administration, computer in accounting behavioral and social economic development, and training women in the media of expression in the studies of information and communication technology; competence in communication, critical thinking and analytical skills appropriate for an educated person; and investigation of the issues raised by living in a culturally diverse society.

What does the organization do?

Community Network Movement for Marginalized Women Sierra Leone identify proper method of how we can involve young people especially women to gain full access of all provided material and other research which will give them the opportunity to access information on the global network called internet communication.

We also involve with community leaders to form a network that will captivate the interest of young women by preaching and sensitizing young women of how important ICT Training is, and to host workshops/seminars on Global Reformation on Information and Communication Technology and also preach out about sustainable and long lasting peace and reconciliation be instituting relevant resolution mechanisms for transparency and accountability by transmitting proper report to the appropriate authorities for necessary action.

We seeks to offer..

-Training Women on Information and Communication Technology -involving women on the issue of Environmental Health, Social and Economic development, Capacity building, Good Governance and peace building.

Opportunities for Youth

The Network will expose the interest of women and create moral value in the area of General Education Competencies that are described below for the outcomes which pervasive components of all courses and experiences. These competencies equip our young women with the knowledge, skills and attitudes for a full and productive life. They are not limited to instruction in one course or discipline; these competencies can be taught in all institutes courses and are suggested by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology for all general education programs.

WWW: Women Weave the Web

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Kika Katchunga
Mar 27, 2014
Mar 27, 2014

Courage Mon Frére Paul Lengar,

Votre vision d'éduquer et d'organiser les femmes dans votre région est une source d'inspiration. L'éducation et la technologie sont très importantes et je vous souhaite beaucoup de succès.

Amb. Lengar
Mar 27, 2014
Mar 27, 2014

Merci soeur, C'est vraiment avec coruage nous essayons d'aider les jeunes womwn dans les communautés locales ici en Sierra Leone.

Nous les croyons que nous ne pouvons pas réussir sans le soutien de bons ambassadeurs de volonté comme vous dans le monde entier.

Nous nous réjouissons de travailler avec plus de femmes à l'avenir

Merci encore,

Kasindi bulambo
Mar 28, 2014
Mar 28, 2014

Quel travail impressionnant! je voit que la formation des femmes et surtout des jeunes filles bas son plein au Sierra Leone. vous avez choisit une très bonne voix, celle d'aider les jeunes filles et les femmes de participer à la norme morale de l'éducation , le developpement social, moyen de tolérence en droit d'expression, et impliqués dans la construiction de la nation dans des programmes de developpement communautaire et de la durabilité de l'environnement. je suis tellement touchée par la formation sur l'éducation des jeunes filles. c'est bien et c'est à encourager. car, bon nombre des filles n'ont pas accès à l'éducation. comme au Sierra Leone, au Congo, ce genre de problème fait encore le degat. or, il est temps de briser la corde de la discrimination.

luttons ensemble pour combattre ce fléau.

Apr 06, 2014
Apr 06, 2014

Dear Paul, The Community Network Movement for Marginalized Women in Sierra Leone is doing very important work. Like the other respondents, I applaud the initiatives and aims of your organization. The education you seek to provide to women and girls is comprehensive and very much needed. Peace, reconciliation, sustainability, environmental health, cultural diversity, access to technology. All are critically important issues.

Blessings to you all, Kit