The damaged child

Posted March 16, 2013 from Maldives

She cringes – darkness She braces – the vulture She tries her utmost, to stay alert, awake To wade off danger

Slowly the world sleeps Everything quietens She too dozes off Into oblivion

To be awaken; the creaking of the door, the screech of the hinges, the sound of the latch

She peeks, scared as hell Scared to even look To sense the dark shadow Overbearing, foreboding

She moves as in sleep, to show she is awake The shadow dashes With time she relaxes Succumbs to the overpowering sleep

To be awoken with the creepy feeling Warning bells in her head She moans, to be roughly silenced. All the while she has her eyes shut To wade off the nightmare

She wiggles her tiny little body Ever so slowly for fear of retribution

Just a wee more sound – loud enough enough to raise the sleeping bodies. The shadow disappears into the darkness To be repeated night after night How many – unbeknown to her

At the break of dawn the shadow – just a nightmare A living breathing nightmare

In her gut she knows it is real In her mind she is not so sure Many a times bracing to open up To be shut down within

Speaking out – shunned Speaking of such darkness Sins for a girl child

What can she do? She just braces her tiny heart Praying silently, calling for a savior, wishing for the never-ending, terrifying ‘nightmare’, to STOP.

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Mar 16, 2013
Mar 16, 2013

The imagery you bring to mind is so disturbing and heartbreaking. This is writing at its most powerful and effective. Your frankness awakens us to this horrific act and sheds light on the lives of those who are rarely heard.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

Mar 17, 2013
Mar 17, 2013

Dear Janice

Thanks for reading and commenting. It never was easy to acknowledge that it ever happened. But reality is reality and we need to brave ourselves once and for all to face the demons.

Regards Amira