Such a rare treasure,Jill Langhus-Griffi.Nominated for spirit award.

Brendah Amonge
Posted January 5, 2022 from Kenya

There are those people we have never met with but their impact in our lives makes us feel them closer like a touch.

Those people who  come into our lives when we need them most,we keep on looking forward to chatting with them ,they keep on checking on you untill your better.

So true it feels like a spirit, that has become a part of you and it's never living,to me that spirit was and has always been Jill langhus-Griffin.

Through world pulse I met a friend and guide.throuhg one tap we connected and since that day we have always connected through Facebook messenger.

2020 I was at my worst,I went back to my old me,full of regrets, stressed withdrawn.It was bad,but guess who was there it was her,yes,Jill.she kept checking on me,she kept guiding me, through out the pregnancy she kept reaching out ,at times I never responded but she never gave up on me.

At a point  in life we just want to be cared for,we want to fell like we are really alive ,we want to be talked to we want to be guided,we want someone to talk to the distance doesn't matter.

There is that point we loose ourselves,people tend to imagine we are feminist we are strong ,we can handle everything .But we all have that braking point and through all that she was there .

She kept updating me on world pulse, encouraged me to write again,untill I healed she was lemme today nominate her for the spirit award ,such treasures are rare today.

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Jill Langhus
Jan 05
Jan 05

Hello Brenda, Love,

How are you and lovely Reyna:-) What a lovely, unexpected nomination. Thank you very much for your kind words, acknowledgement and connection. You rock! XX

Tamarack Verrall
Jan 05
Jan 05

Dear Brendah,
What a beautiful message about all that Jill has offered you. She is amazing, and it is wonderful to keep learning more and more about how many of us she has sent her supportive love to, when we have been low on energy or facing great difficulties!

Jill Langhus
Jan 12
Jan 12

Thanks for the perpetual love and support, Mama:-) You rock!