DEATH IS A ROBBER (but where do the orphans and broken hearts go to? )

Posted April 21, 2019 from Kenya

She was full of life, her face always happy. I could not see beyond  her skin that her life was coming  to an end. My  mentor and a good  friend. At times when I gave up she was there to let me know it was too early to do so. Then suddenly  she dies, just like that?, the death we joked about has taken away my friend, I was afraid  to accept, for a moment I prayed to God to resurrect her, I even went to the hospital morgue just to make sure  it wasn't her, but it was her. She had truly left without goodbye,then I realised death is a cruel reality, she is no more. Gone too soon, but why, how? Jacky, Michelle, lulu and Nana (her girls),are left behind with sorrow,she was everything to them, ever since their father died.  I know how they feel because I have been there before . 

Stories are said, has the society  ever wondered  how those stories  they create affect the people close to the deceased? 

So what if she  was positive? She took her medication  because apart from me even her children never knew, it was her but she was managing it. She was at peace  with her self. 

So what if she had a partner after her husband's death? Are widows suppose to be single for the rest of their lives? Are they not supposed to be happy? 

She died soon but we should learn how to let the dead rest in peace. Respect them and not stigmatise their families. Women we should stop being our greatest enemies, we should  come together  and make things work. 

Am trying  my level best with her girls, yes giving them a shoulder to cry on, have you ever wondered  where orphans or broken  hearts go to? If only I had a center then I feel I could be of grate help to them. Am trying  to advise them not to close their mums shop out of influence  from there relatives and friends, I hope it works. 

To my friend  Rehab Alouch. May you rest in peace, UNTILL we meet again. 

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Apr 21
Apr 21

I thik one ought think and take care of every step before one think s to re-marry and you AS I
can think comes from a community where women are inherited by the next of of keen after the death of a husband

Corine Milano
Apr 22
Apr 22

Amonge, I am very very sorry to hear of the loss of your dear friend and mentor. Certainly, it seems she had a difficult life with her diagnosis, the stigma, and the loss of her husband. I am so glad she had a great friend in you. My thoughts are with you as you process this loss - and my thoughts are also with her children. Much love to you as you grieve.