Menstration is golden(power to all the women)

Posted May 27, 2020 from Kenya
Pants for change.
Pants for change.: For us to fix our sanitary towels, we need our panties, panties should also be changed daily for menstral hygiene. As we donate sanitary towels let's remember panties toooooooo. (1/1)

Every menstral story is unique ,I can bet on that out of the many stories I have hear ,some are scary and some funny. But what remains is that mensuration defines the power  in us women.

Today let me tell you my menstral story I daughter of Amonge.Being the last child in my family,I think my mother must have thought I was too young to be highlighted on what mensuration  was,but it struck me at class five on my seat. I was not aware of what was going on,I can just recall having sharp pains on my stomach and some warm staff oozing out of my Virginia. Being curious, I  remember standing up my intention being going to the washroom to check what that was only to hear my deskmate Erick shouting  I had urinated blood on my uniform, then the whole class busted into laughter pointing my skirt. Being confused I ran to the toilet confused on what to do,then I heard a knock at the door. 

At first I was scared to open,thinking of the bullies then I hear the matrons voice,I opened the door and she asked me to turn around.I thought she had come to my rescue but she  was even worse. Imagine being doubted of aborting,at class five! ,I bet it was not her fault  because at class five I had developed  breast too big for my age and boom my periods were here without my knowledge,but anyway it was not my fault it was my hormones.

Then finally Madam Sheila came after I think the class prefect went reporting the incident. She saw the innocence in me and asked me if I had ever experienced something like that before, of cause it was my first time.she ordered the matron to bring water,she saw me remove my clothes,bathed my self she reached her bag which she came with,removed some pink packed staff and tought me how to put it on my pant,that's how I learnt putting my sanitary towel,later on she educated me on mensuration and told me it would come every month ,I kept on wondering how I was going to live with that, but today I know every woman is strong,beautiful and powerful because its only us who shed that red blood every month and we have survived it over years.

The sad part was being bullied by even senior students who  must have heard the rumors, many of the girls in my class never wanted to interact with me ,today I understand we were from different tribes with different beliefs/taboos.I remember some of them saying" I knew boys",to mean I was sexuallu active that's why I was  menstrating,so sad but I today don't blame them.At times I blamed my periods for coming early ,because the whole school knew, and whenever class seven and eight girls were called  for talks I was the only one picked from my class.but anyway I was given free sanitary towels.

The term came to an end ,I had performed terribly I remember my mom asking me what was the cause for my poor marks and I boldly told her it was the blood coming out my Virginia every month.The look on her face had every question a mother would ask.(how,when ........). Today am able to laugh thinking of how Rose the daughter Phoebe asked me to undress,the she told me with panic in her voice that if anyone touched my breast and Virginia should tell her pointing at them.she was worried on how her young daughter had grown breast and on top of it she had started menstarting.  I even heard hertelling one of her friends that it never happened even to my elder sister until she joined high school.

During the holidays and during my periods I was under my mums watch,I think she was scared and wanted to protect me from the world,she would make me bathe thrice a day and give me clean pieces of cut cotton clothes to use.Then when schools were opened she would buy me lots of sanitary towels give to the matron and instruct her,at times she would come visit whenever she suspected I was on my periods and at times she would ask for permission to take me home ,today I would advise any woman with a daughter it happens even at a younger age,its not your fault it's the hormones thus find better ways of educating your daughters instade of being scared.

Mama died when I was in class six,I had to learn to handle my self ,and of cause not joke with boys around. It was not easy at times,I would lack money to buy sanitary towels, I would borrow my fellow students and at times I would use tissue paper.when at home during the holiday,  I would use the clothes wash them and hung them.on this menstral journey I developed fungal infections,but I healed after proper treatment and learning on how to keep my self clean.

Many women have suffered the same,it makes me happy that today's women are empowered,most of them our communities we have these women who still don't know or believe in myths and misconception. That rings a bell into our mind that we should use the little knowledge we have on menstral hygiene to help shape a woman's/girls menstral journey, we are all in this and to me its not too early to start teaching your child on mensuration at the age of 10/9.

Mensuration is the best ting that can happen in a woman's life,that blood is gold,so we shed holden blood and menstationnis not a crime.kindly donate a pad to help a woman in nyalenda slums maintain her hygiene,follow me on Facebook @amonge Brendan to do so.

#keep safe,sanitize ,wear mask and stay home if necessary corona is real

Its Amonge from kenya

This story was submitted in response to Menstruation Matters.

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Hello, Amonge,

How brave you are for sharing your first menstrual experience. I would feel the same embarrassment if it happened to me. I’m glad you were resilient, and you can now laugh at that experience.

You are such a strong woman. I’m sorry you loss your mom at a young age, too.

Cheers to you for empowering women and girls. I know when you tell that story, many can identify with you. Thanks for sharing, dear.

I love that you describe menstrual blood as gold. :)
Please stay safe always!

May 28
May 28

Dearest Karen,
Whenever i remember that story I do laugh my heart out,today its not embarrassing to tell that story for I know someone somewhere needs it to heal and know its okey to menstrate and at a younger age.
Our mensuration is golden and it defines our power to survive.
Am glad that I have you and world pulse sisters ,that is my source of strength.
Am keeping my self safe.
Lots of love from Kenya.

That’s true. Your story is your power, dear. Keep sharing it.

We are grateful you are here. I know many women and girls will benefit a lot from the stories you share. Keep writing!

Sending love all the way the Philippines!

Urmila Chanam
May 29
May 29

Dearest Amonge,

I read your period story with great joy because not in one instance, did you nurture regrets over the turn of events in your life in the school and readily forgave individuals and rightly, identified the larger problem. This is such an amazing quality in a person. Wish you a happy Menstrual Hygiene Day. Keep writing, I love your soul.

Much love,
Urmila Chanam,

Anita Shrestha
May 30
May 30

Thank you for sharing

Beth Lacey
Jun 01
Jun 01

You are strong. You worked through this to see the value and blessings of being a woman

Sinyuy Geraldine
Jun 03
Jun 03

Dear Amonge, what a story of a difficult journey through menstruation. You went through thick and thin, but now your story can help shape the lives of others. Thanks for sharing it dear sister.

Jun 07
Jun 07

Hello Beautiful Sister.
Thank you for sharing.
Please stay safe and warm.

Ellie E.
Jun 08
Jun 08

Thank you for sharing.

leila Kigha
Jun 11
Jun 11

Hiya Amonge!
Thank You for sharing on one of the taboo subjects of our society. We still find it difficult to speak about menstruation and even accept it. Personally i took a while to come to terms with it. Keep shinning your light!