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About Me

I am a professor of pedagogy, but currently I work with children with special needs. I'm an empathetic person and my voice of reason is mostly my heart. I have worked on projects to promote healthy lifestyles and non-violent student conflict resolution, and I volunteer when I get an opportunity I am a single mother, and one of the biggest challenges in our country is the mostly stereotypical thinking about divorced women. Women in Bosnia and Herzegovina also struggle to find work if they are over 40 years old. Since I myself was a victim of violence I understand and feel that is necessary to help women and children who found themselves in similar situations. A large number of victims are still silent for a number of reasons, fear, environment, material situation, etc. There are very few establishments that can assist the victims psychologically or otherwise, especially in small communities. I hope there will be a day those human beings will get help which they deserve.

My Vision

My dream is to to give all victims opportunity to heal.


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