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About Me

I'm passionate about social change and I have the privilege to actually get to work on what I'm passionate about. That is my life's mission, and doing so as Advocacy Manager at World Pulse has given me a new sense of purpose, as it is here where my experience and the causes I believe in and fight for intersect: campaigning, storytelling, community and movement building, technology for social change, influencing decision and policy-makers for women's rights and liberation.
The voices I get to read and hear here are my everyday inspiration, and meaningful connections are my motor. And I'm all about getting to listen, learn from all of you, and to serve as an amplifier and bridge builder.
I love music & all things art, books, stories, food, animals, learning from others, and traveling. I'm based in Mexico but I left a piece of my heart in Scotland (and to be fair, in quite some countries).

My Vision

A world where women no longer have to fight for respect, equality and liberation. A world that is just for all. Wealth redistribution!


The will and structure (and 48-hour long days) to finish my Master's dissertation!


Advocacy campaigns
Online-offline strategies for movement & community building, & civic tech.
Storytelling 4 social change
Bridge builder


Economic PowerEducation EqualityEmpowering GirlsGender-based ViolenceHuman Rights for WomenPeace and SecurityWomen in TechnologyWomen's Health



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