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A call from AWID: What resources does YOUR movement need? #FeministFunding

Ana Lozano
Posted August 25, 2020 from Mexico

AWID is inviting you to raise your voice and be part of the groundswell of activists defining for themselves the resources they need to build feminist movements -- now and far into the future.

This is how:
1. Record a short clip of yourself completing the statement: "To support feminist movements right now, funders SHOULD/MUST…"
2. Share your video and tag them on Instagram (@awidwomensrights) and Twitter (@awid) using the hashtag #FeministFunding.
3. Add your voice by September 5th, to be part of the dialogue! (Next, AWID will compile shareable videos that show the power of our voices together.)
4. Follow the hashtag #FeministFunding. Watch and share in your advocacy and to inspire movements’ OWN definition of feminist funding.

- Make it personal: Talk about your own needs and context.
- Make it vibrant: Show us how your activism could thrive if it was resourced in a more feminist way.
- Make it propositional: Imagine how funders can step up in a feminist way in this moment.

Not an expert in grant-making?
Perfect! That is what AWID is looking for! They're inviting activists in all their diversity to raise their voices and share their hopes for a feminist resourcing ecosystem.

YOU know better than anyone what kind of funding, support and solidarity your organizing needs. And many funders want to hear what movements need to do their most transformative work. So... to your camera!

And then what?
Your powerful video testimonials will be compiled into an advocacy tool for feminist movements.

Hopefully, this compilation of voices from all over the world will bring strength to our collective advocacy for better, more sustainable and flexible feminist funding.

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Jill Langhus
Aug 26
Aug 26

Hi Ana,

Sounds like a great opportunity! Thanks for sharing!

Paulina Nayra
Aug 26
Aug 26

Hi Ana,
It is very rarely that we are asked what do we need to support feminist movements. Will grab this opportunity. Thanks for posting this here.

Aug 29
Aug 29

Thank you for this, Ana. There should be something in it for everyone. :)

Big hugs,
E. J.

Regina Afanwi Young
Aug 29
Aug 29

Hello Ana,
Great opportunity. Thanks for sharing dear.