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About Me

I am anab87j9, I live in the United States, California, and I am originally from Sudan, but born and raised in Saudi Arabia, where for the first time it became apparent to me the huge price a woman has to pay for being a woman. I am an independent activist, advocating for social justice, and political reform. I am here because I believe that when women are connected, they become inspired to drive the wheels of change.

My vision for the world is one that is inclusive of women, and where no woman has to suffer because of culture, religion, or any political structure and laws. I plan to take the tools I will learn from VOF to inspire and give voice to the voiceless women in Sudan and elsewhere. I am currently volunteering with our local rape crisis center as a sexual assault advocate and I want to carry on that experience to help survivors of rape in Sudan and anywhere where a woman had to face this grave crime and injustice.

My Areas of Interest include but are not limited to:

- Sexualized violence against female activists - Re-Interpretation of sacred texts from a female-centered perspective- Dismantling the so-called "Sharia" laws that are meant to degrade, and dehumanize women.- Understanding how rape in conflict area such as Darfur can become politicized, and how this can create a huge gap between the survivor and her rights- Changing cultural mis/conceptions about women and how their bodies function- Help to end the practice of FGM- Understand how culture can give rise to, and/or support political regimes that in turn support laws aimed at inhibiting women's growth and prosperity- Connecting to women locally and globally to empower and motivate each other to find solutions to our problems- Dismantling cultural rape stigmas, and end victim-blaming to help survivors reach their full recovery potential.- Empowering women through education so they are able to understand their rights, and advocate for themselves.

I look forward to gaining the tools I need to become an effective individual in helping women in any aspect of their lives, empowering them, and being an agent for positive change.

Women's rights, women's health, women's advocacy, ending rape stigmas and victim-blaming Changing the cultural conceptions about women and their bodies Sexual Assault advocacy

My Vision

A world inclusive of us women



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