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Documenting Stories and Contributions of African Female Leaders - Call for Nominations

Ana Isabel Paraguay
Posted June 18, 2021 from Brazil
Expired on June 29, 2021
Documenting Stories and Contributions of African Female Leaders - Call for Nominations (poster)
Documenting Stories and Contributions of African Female Leaders - Call for Nominations (poster)

This initiative is aimed at recognizing and celebrating African women and girls in making a difference through demonstrated exceptional leadership at the grassroot or executive positions. The book aims to create a space for women to share their experiences, triumphs and to send a message of encouragement to the next generation of African women to claim their rightful place in history and create the ‘Africa they want’. Each woman who is featured in this book will have an opportunity to write her own story or upon request, an AU-UN team will assist in the story telling process for women who seek support.

This initiative makes recogition of the continuous struggle for women across the African continent spanning several centuries, in the pursuit of parity and equal representation of women in leadership position. In recent years, progress has been recorded as African governments, public and private institutions implement gender-responsive actions and as African women and girls through resilience and commitment, advance their quest to be break the barriers and glass ceiling.

The objectives of the book is among others;
• Honor the leadership and achievements of African Women and girls in various sectors and share their leadership experience.
• Document the stories and achievements of women leaders and inspire African girls and women to see beyond the existing structural barriers and assure them that they can thrive in their chosen field.
• Provide the evidence that Africa can prosper, be peaceful and integrated if it leverages on the potential of its women and girls. In so doing,
• Mobilize stakeholders to create an enabling environment and support female leaders and their initiatives.

This initiative is led by the African Union Commission, Women, Gender and Youth Directorate, in collaboration with the United Nations through its agencies; the UN Women, UNFPA and UNHCR.

It is also aligned with the International Women’s Day 2021 celebrations held under the theme “women’s full and effective participation and decision-making in public life, as well as the elimination of violence, for achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls”.

Utilize This Offer

1. Must be female citizens of African Union Member States. There is no age limit, the book will document the achievements of young and seasoned leaders across generations.
2. Will be women and girl leaders from Africa that have demonstrated dedication, commitment and passion to their cause and made an impact in the following fields:
> Finance, social mobilization, Governance, law, Peace and Security and Human Rights;
> Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition, and Entrepreneurship;
> Creative industries (arts, culture, heritage, literature) and Sports;
> Health in general and women’s and adolescent health specifically;
> Humanitarian action, philanthropy,
> Gender issues: gender equality and empowerment of women, GBV, SGBV and protection of women and girls;
> Social sciences, humanities;
> Science, Technology and Innovation, Engineering and Mathematics;
> Education;
> Environment and climate change;
> Infrastructure and Energy.

Nominations must be submitted by filling and emailing a completed form.

Self-nominations are welcome.

The Nomination call will be open till Wednesday, 30th June 2021 17:00 EAT.

Only successful nominees will be contacted after the selection process is finalized.

For more information please visit

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Ana Isabel Paraguay
Jun 18
Jun 18

Friendly reminders:
1. Find and analyze open and closed calls that interest you. Try to discover:
• what they have in common, and
• how you can think ahead / plan to apply = increase your chances of success!
2. Gather or update paperwork (certificates, attests, statements, resumes, etc.) and information usually required by calls such this one;
3. Write - baby steps... - and discuss a project draft, to validate within your group the priorities of the proposal(s) and to train your grant writing skills as well;
4. Do not wait to find a call and then start writing your proposal / project. Start NOW!
5. Do visit regularly the World Pulse website to make customized searches for grant opportunities. How?
a) Click on the Menu (left upper corner);
b) Type the name of your country in the search area (blank space); click enter;
c) Click on Filters;
d) Click on Resource;
e) Browse the results (opportunities) that will show up, by chronological order of posting;
6. Spread the word about your failures and achievements in grant requests. Yes, tell these stories too... They will enlighten and inspire your network;
7. Share the opportunities that do not apply to you but can interest others;
8. Instead of copying this posting in order to share it, please forward the link of this page. Hence more people will get to know World Pulse, this website and/or its Resource section.
Best regards,
Ana Isabel

Joshua Oyedele
Jun 19
Jun 19

Amazing, I'm sharing this with amazing females in my circle right away.
Thanks for sharing Ana.

Ana Isabel Paraguay
Jun 19
Jun 19

Glad to know.
Please forward the link of this page. Hence more people will get to know World Pulse, this website and/or its Resource section.

Jill Langhus
Jun 21
Jun 21

Thanks, Ana. Sounds excellent!