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Nonprofit offering medical supplies and equipment

Ana Isabel Paraguay
Posted October 21, 2016 from Brazil
Expired on February 4, 2017

InterVol is a U.S. based nonprofit organization, which provides unused medical supplies and equipment to nonprofit organizations, clinics, hospitals, schools, and other health-focused organizations serving developing countries. We have a large number of consumable medical supplies and equipment that we would like to distribute immediately.

Timing: We generally work with a month's lead time to gather your request, but exceptions can be made based on the circumstances.

Partnership types: Provision of goods

Further information: Medical Supply & Equpment Listing: Medical Supply Request

Global issues: HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria, health and medical

Goods description

InterVol collects a number of medical equipment and supplies, including but not limited to: Equipment: -Autoclaves with instrument trays - Beds - Pressure cuffs: self-contained - Bovie units/cautery – with machine, pencil point & pads - Canes - Centrifuges - Crutches (metal & wood, matching pairs w/ rubber tips) - Defibrillators - Dental Chairs - EKG machines - ENT supplies - Exam lamps (gooseneck) - Exam Tables - Gurneys/ Stretchers - Incubators - Mayo stands - Nebulizers - Operating tables - Overbed tables - Oxygen Concentrators - Pulse oximeters - Resuscitator/ Ambu bags - Scales (infant & adult) - Stethoscopes - Suction Machines (Gomco/ Wangersteen) - Surgical instruments: hemostats, forceps, scissors, clamps, needle holders Surgical lights (overhead) - Ventilators - Walkers (w/wheels & rubber covers for legs, adjustable, folding) - Wheelchairs Supplies: - Ace bandages - Alcohol pads - Anesthesia supplies - Band aids - Blades (sterile) - Betadine wipes & sticks - Catheters (folly, straight, suction catheter) - Compression stockings (Ted, Jobst) - Diabetic supplies (Glucometers w/test strips) - Diapers (adult and pediatric) - Drains (chest drains, irrigation, Jackson-Pratt, suction canister) - Drapes - Dressings (Sterile & Unsterile- Coban, Duoderm/Tegaderm, Steri strip, web rolls, surgilast) - EKG supplies (electrode pads) - Feeding & Kangaroo bags (enteral) - Gloves: all sizes, sterile/non-sterile - Surgical & Patient Gowns, head & shoe covers; goggles, masks - IV supplies (tubing in sterile packages only) - LMA’S - Needles – see syringes (butterfly, angio catheter) - Orthopedic (braces- leg, neck, etc., casting materials, lumbar & neck supports) - Ostomy supplies (in original packaging) - Pediatric Supplies - Personal care (unused toiletries,baby oil, toothpaste/toothbrush, shampoo, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, soap, slippers, kidney basins) - Plastic washbasins (various sizes, kidney basins, pitchers) - Respiratory (nasal cannulas, oxygen masks, suction catheter, suction kits, Yankauer tips) - Scalpels - Speculums - Sponges (surgical only, includes x-ray detectable) - Surgical Towels (cloth/paper) - Sutures - Syringes (in original packaging, bulb syringes, stub adapter, spinal needles) - Tape – all types - Thermometers & covers - Tongue depressors - Tracheostomy (tubes, supplies) - Underpads/chuxs - Vacutainers (unexpired)

Type(s) of goods: Medical & scientific; Medicine & health

Quantity: Varies

Location{ Rochester, NY, United States

Guarantee: InterVol will help to get the supplies and equipment ready according to the procedures you find to be required for customs, however as soon as the container leaves the InterVol warehouse you and your organization are solely responsible for getting the container through customs in the recipient country. InterVol can no longer be held accountable after the container leaves our warehouse, therefore we suggest you thoroughly understand the procedures and paperwork necessary to clear customs smoothly.

Frequency (one-off or ongoing): I will be offering these goods on an ongoing basis.

Cost of goods: There is a cost. Handling Fees: - Standard box shipments: $4/lb USD - 40 Foot container shipped overseas: $7,500 USD - 20 Foot container shipped overseas: $4,000 USD -20 Foot truck moving materials domestic: $2,000 USD - Pallet (30 boxes or less, domestic): $500 USD The above prices do not include shipping costs, which will depend on the size and/or weight, as well as the destination of the shipment. For containers, a non-refundable deposit of $1,000 USD will be required upon finalizing request, with the balance due 7 days before shipping. All other shipments will also require a small, non-refundable deposit, to be applied to the final cost.

Transport: I cannot assist with transport.

Expiry: Expiry dates are not relevant to these goods.

Condition: These goods are new.

Origin: Rochester-area hospitals and clinics

Brand: Varies

Load size: Varies

Split: These goods may be divided between recipients.

Packing: Boxed

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Nov 03, 2016
Nov 03, 2016

Does this offering still open? 

What are requirements to apply for this? I am working with a clinic in Tibet now, they need lots of medical supplies. Please let me know, 



Ana Isabel Paraguay
Dec 02, 2016
Dec 02, 2016

Dear Jampa,

Thanks for your feedback!

Please click on the More Information button (above the Overall Description) and that link (source of the post) will display all the current existing information about this offer. 

Please feel free to share my posts to your network (e-mails, discussion lists, friends...).

Kindly note all my posts have a deadline and they are posted to last until that date.

That is an useful functionality of the Resources section at World Pulse platform. Thus the postings are renewed without anyone having to delete them!