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United Nations Girls' Education Initiative - School-Related Gender-Based Violence (SRGBV)

Ana Isabel Paraguay
Posted November 30, 2016 from Brazil
Expired on February 4, 2017

An estimated 246 million girls and boys are harassed and abused in and around school every year. While girls and boys can be both victims and perpetrators of violence, the extent and form differs.

Incidents of SRGBV have been recorded in every region and country where it has been studied and cuts across cultures, regions and peoples, across economies and affects boys and girls.

SRGBV is a human rights issue and an education issue: a violation of human rights and a serious barrier to learning. It has long lasting consequences on children’s psychological, social and physical wellbeing and affects their ability to learn and stay in school.


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Carol Sunborn
Nov 30, 2016
Nov 30, 2016

it is true that harassment in schools is widespread. My son was harrassed at school. It damaged his self esteem for a long time resulting in leaving school, getting in trouble, using drugs and a lot of anxiety. After many years he was able to get thru university and  has a loving family. In our community harassement was so widespread and so easy to happen. Today I was looking at  a facebook post a mother had written about her 2.5 yr old daughter. The daughter was playing with another child who kept pushing her and she told him to stop. The mother of the other child told her that the pushing was happening because the boy liked her and just wanted her attention. She told that mother  emphatically that she had told the boy to stop and he should stop. That girl is not going to get harassed as she grows up. But that is not usually how we respond to someone harassing us. We usually end up wondering why it is we who are picked on and it damages our view of ourselves. Thank you for posting this and, fortunately, I believe harassment/ bullying is being talked about more and more in our schools here in the US. For too long it was the 'elephant in the room' as the victims were too depressed and ashamed to talk about it.  

Ana Isabel Paraguay
Dec 02, 2016
Dec 02, 2016

Dear Carol

Thanks for your feedback. Yes, bullying is a tough and sensitive issue to deal with.

That is also why I believe this UN initiative is so important and well designed.

Feel free to share this post and join this campaign!

Lily Habesha
Dec 05, 2016
Dec 05, 2016


This is very true. Many students are being mistreated in school. Some of them in their own families and also in school. My little niece was a victim of the school harasment when she was five years. The teacher was discouraging her . I went twice a week to report the same teacher to the director. Little children can't stand this kind of things. 

My father passed away, and my niece loves her grandpa most. She went to school few days after his funeral, and she was unhappy and thoughtful...standing at the door of her classroom. Her sport teacher came and kicked her private part and bully at her." Why are standing here while your classmates are playing?" She bullied at her.

I went to face the teacher , but she was hiding. After I left the school, the teacher was looking for niece again. " Are you reporting me to your Aunt? Have I ever ...." And she gave her more trouble.

i went to her school as furious as I was and face the head of the school.

"My niece lost her grandpa, that's more than enough for a little girl to be sad. Her teacher supposed to ask her why she is sad instead of making her more sad. I tell you to stop this woman from disturbing this little girl. If she tries to bother my little girl any more, I'll sue the school administration."

Then all the nonsense stopped. This problem is spreading from Kg to the univerisity.

Ana Isabel Paraguay
Dec 06, 2016
Dec 06, 2016

Dear Mulatwa

Glad to hear from you and your daily experiences and courage facing such situations.

 Yes, one cannot look away from harassment and bullying! Your behavior and attitude show how simple actions can make a lot of difference, inspire others, start changes.