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Global Acceleration Instrument on Women, Peace & Security and Humanitarian Action in Jordan - Call for Proposals

Ana Isabel Paraguay
Posted December 7, 2016 from Brazil
Expired on December 21, 2016

United NationsEntity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment ofWomenis acceptingproposalsfrom eligible organisations for a program entitled “Global Acceleration Instrument (GAI) on Women,Peace& Security andHumanitarianAction” with an aim to achieve peaceful and gender equal societies.

Program Functions

The GAI has three main functions:

  1. First,it breaks silos between humanitarian, peace, security, and development finance by investing in enhancing women’s engagement,leadership, and empowerment across all phases of crisis, peace and security, and development.
  2. Second,it addresses structuralfundinggaps for women’s participation in key phases of crisis, peace and security, and development by improving the timeliness, predictability and flexibility of international assistance. Notably, it will ensure a timely investment in conflict prevention after receipt of early warning signals from women, and will accelerate the dispersal of development assistance after successful peace negotiations.
  3. Third,it recognizes that peace cannot be created nor sustained without investment in both the government andcivil societyorganizations.

Program Outcomes

Outcome 1:An enablingenvironmentfor the implementation of WPS commitment

Outcome 2:Women’s meaningful participation in conflict prevention

Outcome 3:Humanitarian/crisis response planning, frameworks and programming which is informed by gender analysis and needs assessments

Outcome 4:Conflict resolution

Outcome 5:Protection

Outcome 6:Peace building and recovery investments which benefit women

Eligibility Criteria

  • National and local civil society organizations are eligible to apply. Women’s grass-root/local/community based organizations are particularly encouraged to apply. Joint CSOs projects are allowed and encouraged. CSOs are strongly encouraged to partner with grass-root organizations.
  • UN entities are eligible to apply, through supporting CSOs. Joint UN projects are encouraged.
  • Governmental entities may also submit projects aiming to facilitate partnerships and cooperation for the implementation of CSOs led projects.

How to Apply

Applications must be submitted via email at the address given on the website.

Deadline:21 December2016.

Eligible Country:Jordan.

For more information, please visit

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