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The Burma Project - Call for Applications

Ana Isabel Paraguay
Posted December 7, 2016 from Brazil
Expired on February 5, 2017

The Open Society Foundations is seeking applications for itsBurmaProject with an aim to increase international awareness of conditions in Burma and helping the country make a successful transition from a closed to an open society.

The project prioritizes projects supporting marginalized communities including ethnic minorities,women, and youth.

The project will support efforts to:

  • Address and preventhuman rightsabuses;
  • Promote independentmediaand access to information;
  • Encouragepeaceand reconciliation;
  • Empower women, youth, and ethnic minorities;
  • Encourage an end to discrimination.

Eligibility Criteria

The Burma Project prioritizesgrantstoorganizationsworking directly in Burma.

Ineligibility Criteria

The project does not inviteproposalsfrom international groups, but will solicit them when a need is identified.

Ineligible projects include support for the following: governments or political parties,agricultureor rural development projects, social welfare projects (including schools, orphanages, and basic service provision) construction costs, microfinance loans, film production, individualeducation, or research costs.

The Burma Project/SoutheastAsiaInitiative also does not support cultural or environmental projects, unless directly connected to the protection and promotion of civil and political rights.

How to Apply

Applicants can apply online via given website.


For more information, please visit

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