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Provision of Mine/Explosive Remnant of War (ERW) Risk Education in Afghanistan

Ana Isabel Paraguay
Posted January 2, 2017 from Brazil
Expired on January 12, 2017
Grants for projects focusing on Risk Education and Assessment and Information Sharing among 163 communities /17 provinces in Afghanistan.

Project Activities: ◾ Provision of Mine/ERW Risk Education for the at risk population in and around locations with recorded mine, ERW and PPIED accidents in casualties in 163 communities /17provinces.◾ Reporting of new contaminations, suspected hazardous areas and casualties reported by community members .◾ Distribution of information on ACAP III and victim assistance among the 163 most at-risk communities. Source:

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Eligibility: 1) national and international not-for-profit organizations registered in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan; 2) organizations having provided Mine/ERW risk education in Afghanistan in the last 12 months.

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