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Uganda Influencing Grants

Ana Isabel Paraguay
Posted January 4, 2017 from Brazil
Expired on January 31, 2017
For Uganda, influencing grants range from €25,000 to €200,000.

Focus Areas: ◾ access to productive resources (finance, land , water) & employment in particular; ◾ access to social services, health and education;◾ space for political participation. Target Groups:◾ People with disabilities;; ◾LGBTI; ◾Indigenous people & ethnic minorities; ◾Age discriminated vulnerable groups; ◾Women facing abuse and/or violence. Source:

Utilize This Offer

Applicant must: ◾ be a locally registered Ugandan organisation with a bank account in its name; ◾ have core values similar to Voice"s: equal treatment and equal rights of every person, regardless of gender, nationality, ethnicity, belief, disability, sex, class, age.

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