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European Youth Together Program 2019 - Call for Proposals (EACEA/12/2019)

Ana Isabel Paraguay
Posted July 12, 2019 from Brazil
Expired on July 17, 2019
European Youth Together 2019 logo
European Youth Together 2019 logo

The European Commission-Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) is accepting proposals for a program entitled “European Youth Together”, whose aims are:
1. to create networks promoting regional partnerships, to be run in close cooperation with young people from across Europe (Erasmus+ programme countries). The networks would organise exchanges, promote trainings (for instance for youth leaders) and allow young people themselves to set up joint projects;
2. to support initiatives from at least 5 youth organisations from 5 different eligible Erasmus+ programme countries to share their ideas about the EU,encourage wider civic participation and help foster a sense of European citizenship. The initiative aims to bring together European youth from across Europe; East, West, North and South.

The grant request from the EU is minimum EUR 100 000 and max. EUR 500 000.

Only applications from legal entities established in the Erasmus+ programme countries are eligible.

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The thematic priorities are active citizenship, network-building, European values and European citizenship, democratic participation, democratic resilience and social inclusion related to youth.

Deadline: 18/July/19 - 12:00 noon CET/CEST, Brussels time.


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Wow, Europe! Thanks for sharing, Ana!