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Active Citizens Fund in Portugal: Outcome 4 – Enhanced capacity and sustainability of civil society 2019 (call for applications)

Ana Isabel Paraguay
Posted July 12, 2019 from Brazil
Expired on July 17, 2019
Active Citizens Fund in Portugal brand
Active Citizens Fund in Portugal brand

Active Citizens Fund in Portugal is seeking applications for large projects under Outcome 4 of the Programme “Enhanced capacity and sustainability of civil society (organisations and the sector)”, one of the 4 areas of the Fund in Portugal.

Outcome 4 Large Projects:
a) shall have a total supportable cost above 30 000 euros and less than or equal to 120 000 euros, with the eligible costs of the project co-financed at a rate of up to 90%
b) should be directed at other organisations and not only towards the promoter
c) transfer of knowledge between small and large organisations is encouraged
d) maximum duration shall be 30 months, with an expected start date in January 2020.

The applications must be submitted, electronically, via SIPPCA (the Programme information system) using an application form available on the Programme’s website.

Only complete applications (see Article 21 paragraph 2 of the Programme Rules) shall be considered for evaluation and selection purposes.

Utilize This Offer

Application deadline: 18 July 2019, at 17:00 (GMT/Lisbon time).

It is mandatory that projects are implemented through partnerships.

For more information, please visit

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Thank you for sharing this opportunity, Ana!