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Active Citizens Fund: Call for Proposals for Large Projects in Croatia

Ana Isabel Paraguay
Posted April 11, 2020 from Brazil
Expired on May 10, 2020
Active Citizens Fund
Active Citizens Fund

This Call for proposals has been designed to provide financial and capacity building support for Croatian CSOs active in one (or more) of the Programme Priority Areas:
a) Democracy, active citizenship, good governance and transparency,
b) Human rights and equal treatment through combating any discrimination on the grounds of racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation or gender identity,
c) Social justice and inclusion of vulnerable groups,
d) Gender equality and gender-based violence,
e) Environment and climate change.

The Call is targeting civil society organizations with sufficiently effective management and governing processes capable of developing complex, multi-year project interventions, targeting the same social problem or needs of a particular target group in a comprehensive manner, with focus on social impact.

Social impact project design takes into account the complexity of factors influencing the solution to any social problem and outcome of any civic action.

> Strengthened civil society watchdog/advocacy role;
> Increased support for human rights, rule of law and good governance;
> Strengthened democratic culture and civic awareness and engagement.

Utilize This Offer

Eligible applicants are non-profit civil society organisations (CSOs) established in Republic of Croatia.

Requested contribution of ACF funding: between 90.000 and 150.000 EUR.

Project maximum funding rate: 90 % of eligible expenditure.

Project duration: 24-36 months.

Deadline for submission of Concept notes: May 11, 2020 at 12:00 Croatian time.

For more information, please visit

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Ana Isabel Paraguay
Apr 11
Apr 11

Friendly reminders:
1. Study similar calls (open and closed ones) that interest you to discover what they have in common and how you can think ahead/plan to apply = increase your chances of success!
2. Prepare/update paperwork (certificates and attests usually required from an organization like yours);
3. Write (baby steps...!) and discuss a project draft - to validate the priorities within your group and to train your grant writing skills;
4. Do not wait to find a call and then start writing your proposal/project. Start now!!!
5. Visit the World Pulse website >>> My Pulse >>> Resources and then use its filters (right upper corner) to find what may really suit you;
6; Share the opportunities that may not apply to you but can interest others;
7. Spread the word about your failures and achievements in grant requests. Yes, tell these stories too! They will enlighten and inspire your network.

Jill Langhus
Apr 13
Apr 13

Thanks, Ana.