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European Youth Foundation (EYF): Call for Grant Applications for Pilot Activities responding to Local Needs arising from the COVID-19

Ana Isabel Paraguay
Posted April 21, 2020 from Brazil
Expired on December 9, 2020
 European Youth Foundation - EYF logo
European Youth Foundation - EYF logo

The European Youth Foundation (EYF) is a fund established in 1972 by the Council of Europe to provide financial and educational support for European youth activities.

Priority will be given to pilot activities that aim at demonstrating solidarity and support to all persons affected by the COVID-19 crisis, such as:
a) reaching out to and supporting particularly vulnerable groups of people, including homeless, refugees and asylum-seekers, people with disabilities, people living in isolation or in remote communities;
b) support to health, social and educational services;
c) education and awareness-raising of the importance of human rights in responses to COVID-19 crisis.

Eligibility criteria:
1. All pilot activities must respect the sanitary and safety measures put in place by the competent authorities at national and/or local level.
2. Further, applicant youth organisations are strongly encouraged to co-ordinate their activities with the competent authorities and to indicate such in their project proposal.
3. Your NGO has to be based in one of the 50 signatories to the European Cultural Convention (47 CoE member states and Belarus, Holy and Kazakhstan).
4. The following types of youth NGOs can apply to the EYF:
International youth NGOs
International network of youth NGOs
Regional network of youth NGOs
National youth NGOs
Local youth NGOs
5. Your organisation must be a youth organisation: the decision-making structure is composed of young people; the members of the organisation must be young people; your activities and projects are carried out by young people, for young people and with young people.
6. Eligible Countries: Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Russian Federation, San Marino, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom.
7. NGOS wishing to apply for a grant must first be registered online.
BEFORE registering, you should also have a look at the homepage of the Council of Europe’s youth sector.
The orientation of your organisation (its vision and mission, and its field of operation and main activities) must have a link with the work of the Council of Europe and the priorities of the youth sector.

Utilize This Offer

The European Youth Foundation (EYF) is launching a special call for local or national youth organisations that are looking for funding for activities which respond to local needs arising from the COVID-19 crisis.

The EYF does not support individuals. It only supports non-governmental youth organisations. Your organisation must be non-profit-making and non-governmental, i.e. not part of a government. If you are funded or partially funded by a government, no government representative can be a member. It cannot be a private business either.

Only youth NGOs from Council of Europe member states as well as the European Cultural Convention Signatories: Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Holy See, can apply to the Foundation.

The maximum EYF grant to a pilot activity is €10 000.

The next cut-off date will be 10 May, but COVID-19 related applications may be submitted throughout 2020.
Subsequent cut-off dates will be defined later in 2020, and include June and September.

For more information, please visit

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Ana Isabel Paraguay
Apr 21, 2020
Apr 21, 2020

Friendly reminders:
1. Study similar calls (open and closed ones) that interest you in order to discover what they have in common and how you can think ahead/plan to apply = increase your chances of success!
2. Prepare/update paperwork (certificates and attests usually required from an organization like yours);
3. Write (baby steps...!) and discuss a project draft - to validate the priorities within your group and to train your grant writing skills;
4. Do not wait to find a call and then start writing your proposal/project. Start now!!!
5. Visit the World Pulse website >>> My Pulse >>> Resources and then use its filters (right upper corner) to find what may really suit you;
6. Share the opportunities that may not apply to you but can interest others;
7. Spread the word about your failures and achievements in grant requests. Yes, tell these stories too! They will enlighten and inspire your network.

Jill Langhus
Apr 22, 2020
Apr 22, 2020

Thanks, Ana.