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Urgent Action Fund-Africa (COVID-19 Disability Rights Grant): Call for Applications

Ana Isabel Paraguay
Posted August 30, 2020 from Brazil
Expires on December 30, 2021

The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on Africa is uncertain as it has created an unprecedented situation that constantly evolves. State-sanctioned measures to curb the spread of the disease have had a disproportionate impact on the livelihood, health and wellbeing of women, and gender non-conforming defenders with disabilities.

Urgent Action Fund-Africa provides financial support for strategic interventions that take advantage of opportunities to advance women’s human rights. Such opportunities arise when an unexpected event – positive or negative – creates a situation in which rapid intervention can have a significant impact.

Urgent Action Fund-Africa is expanding her COVID-19 response towards supporting women, transgender and gender non-conforming defenders with disabilities to:
a) Develop and widely disseminate messages and information about the disease in disability friendly formats such as braille, audio, sign language and large print.
b) Simplify and/or translate the complex COVID 19 information that is being shared by governments and public health experts into simple, disability friendly formats and local languages.
c) Provide practical needs such as medicine, masks, gloves, sanitizers, soap, water and food.

Utilize This Offer

Urgent Action Fund (UAF) Africa is committed to supporting and improving accessibility, equity and inclusion of women and gender non-conforming defenders with disabilities within the gender justice and human rights movement.

UAF- Africa provides Rapid Response Grants of up to $ 8,000 to support the above-mentioned work

Deadline: ongoing (rolling basis).

For further information please visit

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Jill Langhus
Aug 31, 2020
Aug 31, 2020

Thanks, Ana! Sounds excellent!

How are you doing?

Ana Isabel Paraguay
Sep 02, 2020
Sep 02, 2020

Just came back from my indoors vacation
Everything is going well. Hope you are fine.

Jill Langhus
Sep 04, 2020
Sep 04, 2020

Great to hear:-) Yes, I'm doing well, thanks.

Hope you have a good weekend!