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Blossom Hill Fellowships seek Passionate Individuals with Innovative Ideas

Ana Isabel Paraguay
Posted October 14, 2020 from Brazil
Expired on January 14, 2021

The purpose of this program is to encourage individuals to develop innovative and solution-focused initiatives that create an opportunity for conflict-affected children and help to break the cycle of violence that plagues their communities.

Through the Fellowship Program, Blossom Hill is investing in the next generation of leaders who will play a pivotal role in the reconstruction and advancement of their own communities.

At best, these solutions are informed and spearheaded by those who understand the situation intimately – individuals who hail from the region or are deeply connected to the Middle East and comprehend the multi-generational impact of war.

Blossom Hill offers fellowships to social entrepreneurs who have developed an innovative approach, program, or product that positively impacts war-affected Middle Eastern communities, either in-country or displaced due to conflict.


Fellowships are up to $50,000 a year and are renewable on a yearly basis depending on assessment and evaluation of the project’s impact.

Utilize This Offer

The foundation funds programs or products that aim to positively impact the lives of communities (children, youth, families, etc.) affected by conflict and war in the Middle East.

Initiatives can take place in the Middle East or another country where war refugee populations are prevalent and are the primary program beneficiaries, i.e., Syrian refugees now displaced in Europe.

Applicants should:
1. Have significant experience and close ties with the community and culture their idea is designed to serve;
2. Possess the language skills necessary for the successful implementation of their proposed initiative;
3. Have a partner NGO registered as a U.S. 501(c)(3) charitable  organization to serve as a fiscal sponsor;
4. Reach children and youth beneficiaries ages 24 and under to qualify for funding.

The foundation is looking for ambitious candidates who:
a) Demonstrate an ability to succeed and commitment to social change;
b) Present bold, innovative, and viable approaches that address an authentic need and have the potential for exponential impact;
c) Are accessible, responsive, articulate, proactive, and take initiative to further expand their reach.

Interested applicants are invited to first submit a two-minute pitch video discussing their project idea and why they are the best person to lead this initiative. Upon review by the steering committee, applicants whose projects have been approved will be invited to formally apply.

Applicants are required to send a pitch video by January 15, 2021.

For more information, please visit

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Ana Isabel Paraguay
Nov 02, 2020
Nov 02, 2020

Friendly reminders:
1. Study similar calls (open and closed ones) that interest you to discover what they have in common and how you can think ahead/plan to apply = increase your chances of success!
2. Prepare/update paperwork (certificates and attests usually required by calls such this one);
3. Write (baby steps...!) and discuss a project draft - to validate the priorities within your group and to train your grant writing skills;
4. Do not wait to find a call and then start writing your proposal/project. Start now!!!
5. Don't forget to visit regularly the World Pulse website and:
a) Go to Menu (left upper corner);
b) Click on Explore Topics OR Explore Regions;
c) Type the name of your country in the Search space;
d) Then search for offers thay may suit you;
6. Share the opportunities that may not apply to you but can interest others;
7. Spread the word about your failures and achievements in grant requests. Yes, tell these stories too... They will enlighten and inspire your network.

Oct 14, 2020
Oct 14, 2020

This is awesome, am interested

Ana Isabel Paraguay
Oct 14, 2020
Oct 14, 2020

Great. Go for it!

Jill Langhus
Oct 14, 2020
Oct 14, 2020

Thanks, Ana.

Ana Isabel Paraguay
Oct 15, 2020
Oct 15, 2020