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Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples

Ana Isabel Paraguay
Posted November 13, 2020 from Brazil
Expired on March 14, 2021

The primary purpose of our work is dedicated to Indigenous Peoples’ self-determination and the sovereignty of Native nations.

We are unable to support: Individuals, non-Native organizations, religious missionizing efforts, purchase of vehicles, heavy equipment, capital campaigns, or scholarship funds.

Focus Areas:
> Land Defenders and Water Protectors
> Community Vitality
> Flicker Fund
> Thriving Women – Global
> Thriving Women – United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands
> Thriving Women – Alaska

Utilize This Offer

Eligibility Criteria:
1) Leadership and Decision-making: A minimum of 80% Indigenous Board of Directors and also an Indigenous Executive Director;
2) Financials: Operating Budget of $150,000 per year or less;
3) Nonprofit Status: 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Status, Fiscal Sponsorship, or other tax-exempt status (if operating within the United States).

Grant awards range from $250.00 to $50,000.

An organization may apply for one grant per fiscal year for Native initiated and led community based projects.

Expect approximately 12 weeks from the grant due date for the results of the proposal review to be announced. Please select an appropriate deadline date that will allow for enough time if your project is selected.

Next Proposal Due Dates for All Programs:
> November 15, 2020;
> March 15, 2021.

For more information please visit

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Ana Isabel Paraguay
Nov 13, 2020
Nov 13, 2020

Friendly reminders:
1. Study similar calls (open and closed ones) that interest you to discover what they have in common and how you can think ahead/plan to apply = increase your chances of success!
2. Prepare/update paperwork (certificates and attests usually required by calls such this one);
3. Write (baby steps...) and discuss a project draft - to validate the priorities within your group and to train your grant writing skills;
4. Do not wait to find a call and then start writing your proposal/project. Start now!!!
5. Don't forget to visit regularly the World Pulse website and:
a) Go to Menu (left upper corner);
b) Click on Explore Topics OR Explore Regions;
c) Type the name of your country in the Search space;
d) Then search for offers that may suit you;
6. Share the opportunities that do not apply to you but can interest others;
7. Spread the word about your failures and achievements in grant requests. Yes, tell these stories too... They will enlighten and inspire your network.

Nov 13, 2020
Nov 13, 2020

If This is actually for a designated kind of individual ,then is no longer help or grant, because I believe When supporting an NGO should be for all.
My opinion though.

Many hidden Organizations who are actually doing This work is not recognized or even allowed to get any Grant.... talking from experience.

Ana Isabel Paraguay
Nov 14, 2020
Nov 14, 2020

Hello there.
Kindly note this call requires applicants to have Nonprofit Status: 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Status, Fiscal Sponsorship, or other tax-exempt status (if operating within the United States).
For further information please visit the mentioned source.

Jill Langhus
Nov 14, 2020
Nov 14, 2020

Thanks, Ana.