My Domestically Abusive Father

Ananya Annapurna
Posted November 9, 2020

My so-called father is abusive. he kicks us, yells at us, slaps us, if we so much as a say a wrong joke. As I am writing this, my mother is beside me crying. I have an exam in 5 hours. I have slept for 3. My father came at me for no apparent reason. I fought back, shouted back; he kicked me and slapped me. Enough was enough today. I called the police. They said they couldn't help. My father promised me he won't let me study law. because, obviously, how can he have a lawyer in his house while he plans on making life more and more hell for us?


We are all alone here. None of our family members seem to be of any kind of help. I am not a lawyer yet, heck, I am in only first year of college. I am one hairbreadth away from giving up. I just want to die. Help us, please. 


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Nini Mappo
Nov 10, 2020
Nov 10, 2020

Dear Ananya,
Welcome to World Pulse. I am sorry to read all the abuse that your family is subjected to. I am sorry that the lack of safety is jeopardising your education. Please don't give up, because then he'll have won. Keep pressing on until rescue comes so that one day you can help others in similar circumstances and become their life boat to safety.
I hope a sister from your country will reach out soon and help.
Sending warm hugs and love and sparkles.

Manasa Ram Raj
Nov 10, 2020
Nov 10, 2020

Dear Annapurna,

We saw your recent post and read it carefully. What you have shared is deeply upsetting. It is your basic human right to live in freedom and safety, and the abuse you have described is completely unacceptable. I’m so sorry you are experiencing this. You deserve much better.

World Pulse is a social network that strives to create a world where all women thrive. We provide an online space for women to connect and support each other, but we do not provide any direct support services ourselves.

We would recommend you visit - a feminist and peace-oriented tech tool that supports survivors of gender-based violence access support across 196 countries. There are many resources on Saahas, one of them is a list of all the places in India where you can turn for help: and information on survivor support:

You will notice in your post we have removed the phone number for your father - it is against World Pulse community guidelines to reveal personal details about other people.

We encourage you to continue to share your story, raise your voice and speak out on World Pulse. You may also want to read through our guidance for staying safe online here:

In solidarity,

Nov 14, 2020
Nov 14, 2020

Hi Ananya,
'Really sorry about the domestic abuse that you currently suffer. It is very sad that other members of the family suffer the same fate. There is help. You don't need to desire death, please. Thank you for crying out in your first post and a warm welcome to World Pulse, your new family. We appreciate you for sharing from your heart. We want to read more from you. We see you, we hear you, we feel you. We would want to be updated. These are trying times, but be assured that tough times never last. You would outlive these times. It is a pity that the law enforcement agents are not helping. In my own country, they hardly help either.

Have you explored the link my Sis Manasa sent you? Like my Sis Nini, I encourage you not to give up, please.

Love and hugs,
E. J.