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Motivate Senior Citizens' Assns/NGO's to take advantage of the opportunities offered by mandatory CSR. There is a long list of welfare initiatives required to make last few years of life of elders reasonably comfortable.These initiatives include from providing a meal a day , health care , building Day Care Centres and Old Age Homes to suit CSR budgets of donor Companies. We are preparing model schemes which we will forward to you. Some schemes are also being prepared by Dr. RBK Murthy who is a qualified Gerontologist from U.Mass Boston USA. We look forward to your co-operation and active participation in this service to the old.

SENIORS & SERVICES :I am submitting this report as 1.A Senior , 2.A Senior who lived in USA , 3.A Senior who is a qualified Gerontologist ( one who deals with problems of Seniors ) an advanced Diploma holder from University of Massachusetts Boston USA.Number One : Seniors have a Right to expect ( not as a favour ) compassionate services for a dignified living style . The following people and organizations have an obligation to render such services to Seniors : a. Family members ; b. Government at local , State and Central levels ; c. Non Governmental Organizations ; d. Philanthropic individuals , e. Selfless volunteers ; f. Religious Organizations ; and g. Last but not least in fact most important of all Corporate Industrial Houses.A. TRANSPORTATION : Seniors need to go to Physician Visits , Pharmacies , Laboratories , and Hospitals : Govt agencies at the three levels mentioned above must provide either free transportation on Public Transportation , or Provide subsidized transportation at a very reasonable rate. The other organizations must come forward to render free transportation a minimum of three times in a month arranged in an advance notice .B . Meals on Wheels : home delivery of hot meals - breakfast , lunch , and dinner at a reasonable rate as the local Municipal Govt and IsKcon serve meals not at an exorbitant commercial rate-basis , the rate can be worked our depending upon the financial capacity of Senior .C. Visiting nurse Service again from Red Cross , Local Volunteer Medical Agencies to visit home at least once a week for medical check up .D. Mobility : Wheel Chair , Walker , to be provided either free or at subsidized rate .E. Accessibility ; All Public transportation vehicles , Buildings , Government Offices must be wheel chair accessible , with ramps , elevators , and spare wheel chairs in malls , offices etcetera .F. Social activities : local municipal government should allot a building free of rent to seniors to meet twice a week and the building must be provided with WiFi , Computers , A Library .G. Emergency Ambulance Service must be free for real emergency visits to hospitals - like as in cases of heart attacks and strokes etcetera .H. Entertainment and other services like movie visits must be subsidized on producing Senior ID .I . I stands for Ideally all Seniors above the age of 65 must have complete free universal health care at all hospitals - private as well govt including investigations , prescriptions .Our Elders do deserve these essential facilities which can be managed by a responsible NGO such as Help Age or Rama Krishna Mission or a reliable Senior Citizen Association,


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